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Metal Scrap Recycling: Transforming Waste into Valuable Resources

by blindertech
Metal Scrap

Nowadays many people are interested in recycling stuff so that the earth’s natural resources can be maintained. Unlike other materials, it is possible to recycle metal often without its properties getting degraded. This may one of the reasons that steel is a material that is recycled often. When looking at metal scrap recycling, this can be profitable and good for our environment. It can help a business save time as well as energy. In fact scrap metal is said to be a really useful resource. Its value tends to be increasing as well. 

Continue reading on to learn more about metal scrap recycling and its potential to transform waste into valuable resources:

Details about scrap metal recycling

When looking at metal scrap recycling, this is the procedure that recovers and processes recyclable metals which are either raw metals as well as alloys. They may be those taken from end-of-life items as well.

The materials are then able to be reused along with reconfigured to create new metal goods plus structures. Different ways are present to recycle scrap metal. This can include curbside pick-up schemes, drop off recycling facilities as well as take back schemes. A local scrap yard is even helpful to find repurposing metals plus metal parts. 

Scrap metal tends to be an old, surplus or even waste metal. You can find much of this at construction sites or even in old appliances as well as furniture. 

Different types of recyclable metals

Two different kinds of metal scrap are present, i.e. ferrous plus non-ferrous. 

Ferrous metals

When looking at ferrous metal, this is more common. It includes stuff that is made using steel or iron. Ferrous refers to iron and steel. When considering iron, this is a common metal present in the planet’s crust. Due to its natural magnetism, the Earth has a magnetic field. Due to the fact that nearly all ferrous metals tend to be magnetic, metal scrap yards usually employ huge electromagnets that are mounted upon excavators when wanting to load and even unload ferrous scrap. This will be from trucks moving it around the particular yard. 

It is possible to find scarp ferrous metals in appliances, tires, plus furniture. 

Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals will not lose their chemical properties when the recycling process is occurring. Therefore it is possible for non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, silver, zinc, as well as gold to be recycled often allowing them to be really precious. 

Non-ferrous scrap may be more valuable to recyclers as it may be brought on a per-pound basis. But prices for this often fluctuate more in comparison to ferrous metals. 

You can consider these metals when looking at metal scrap recycling. 

Recycling process

The following looks at the metal scrap recycling process:


Prior to taking the materials to some scrap yard, you need to know some things. It is important to have an idea about metal scrap pricing. You also need to know if a minimum amount of material is present that you need to bring in. Contact a scrap metal yard close to you to ask this. 

You can try and separate the metal from other materials like paper and plastic. 

Collecting and sorting procedure

When you take the scrap metal to a metal yard, the materials will pass through some weigh-in station. Public recycling services may collect these metals as well. 

There are different ways to sort and even separate metal, like visual identification, magnets, electrical currents, etc. Scrap yards use these methods. You need to keep metals grouped together as they have to meet some quality standards. Therefore no cross-contamination with other materials should occur. 

If the melting process is to be more efficient, metals need to be cut down to certain sizes and also shapes. When the metal gets sized and processed, it will leave the scrap yard. It will then go to mills, foundries, as well as smelters which use the metal scrap to create new metal. 

Why consider metal recycling

There are different reasons why people recycle metal scrap. You can get cash by doing this. Dangerous waste can be kept out of landfills when scrap metal is recycled. When scrap metal is recycled, less energy gets used than when manufacturing new products using virgin raw materials. 

Businesses can save money as scrap metal recycling will limit production expenses. 

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After the metals get melted and refined, they will be solidified. This will be into a new shape. This can include stuff like wires, bars, sheets, etc. You can prepare them into certain shapes according to how they will be used next. Metal scrap recycling is good to do as it can help transform waste into a valuable resource. Rather than throw away the metal and allow it to pollute the environment, why not recycle it and get money, or create something new with it.

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