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 What You Should Know About Cleaning Your Bedding

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Getting enough sleep is an important part of a person’s everyday life. Even though most people see it as a simple activity, it’s one of the crucial tasks that your body requires to keep you alive. Some of the things it does for you include keeping your heart healthy, regulating hormones and blood sugar, improving memory, and reducing the risk of developing health conditions. 

Although it’s a natural state of your body, there are external factors that affect the quality of your sleep. They may involve elements like your diet, smoking habits, caffeine, or stress. The condition of your current surroundings can also contribute to the reasons preventing you from getting a good rest. One of which is the cleanliness of the area where you’re sleeping. 

When you have an unclean environment, your body will have a hard time relaxing, affecting your sleep. Luckily, there are ways to solve this problem, like hiring companies that offer basic house cleaning services. But to give you an idea of how to tidy your sleeping chambers and how often it should be done, below are more information about it.

Importance of Cleaning Your Bedding

People tend to leave behind different natural things when they sleep. Most of them are usually the result of internal activities that normally take place when your body is at rest. These elements are often too small and not easily noticeable. However, if they are not removed, they will continue to build up and mix with other unwanted particles like dust and dirt. These things include the following:


The American Academy of Dermatology Association said that a person normally loses around 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. Some factors that affect how much hair you shed are your diet, hygiene, styling, and stressors. These hair strands will continue accumulating and littering your bedding unless you take the time to get rid of them. 

Dead Skin Cells

Aside from hair, people also shed skin cells. This is due to the biological process called skin cell turnover, wherein damaged old cells are replaced by younger ones to keep your skin healthy. Like your hair strands, these dead cells will pile up on your bedding and, worse, attract dust mites that feed on them. 

Bodily Fluids

Other things that you may leave behind also include bodily fluids. It’s natural for people to drool and secrete oils when sleeping. We can sweat too in our sleep, which could be due to room temperature and humidity. Nonetheless, these are enough reasons for you to change and wash your bedding often before it becomes a breeding ground for tiny insects.

How To Do It Properly

There are many things to consider when cleaning your bedding. Each component requires specific care instructions, given that they all vary in their type of fabric and textures. It’s essential to follow these directions carefully to maintain the quality of your bedding.


The mattress is one of the critical components that affect your quality of sleep. That is why it is a worthy investment that should be maintained. To do that, you should clean it at least every 6 months. Use a vacuum to eliminate all the dirt, germs, and dead skin cells on the surface. It’s also essential to deodorize it to get rid of unwanted odors. All you have to do is put baking soda and wait for about an hour before dusting it off. 

Bed Sheets 

Your bed sheets are parts of your sleeping environment that you come into contact with. As such, it is necessary to wash them either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how much you sweat when you sleep. But before doing that, make sure to use cleaning products that are safe for the type of fabric your sheets are made of. It’s also essential to use the right water temperature. Otherwise, your bed linens might shrink or overstretch.


Like your bed sheets, your pillows covered in pillowcases are parts of your bed. It can also collect most of the dust, dirt, and bodily fluids you excrete when you sleep. As such, it’s ideal to wash them every week to prevent stubborn stains brought about by these elements from developing. 

To do it effectively, make sure to treat the stains first by following the care label instructions attached to them. This usually depends on the type of stain you’ll have to deal with. When that’s done, you can proceed with putting them in warm water to wash them. 

Blankets and Comforters

Some comforters and duvets usually require covers to protect them from dirt and stains. As such, you will only need to wash your comforter at least once or twice a year unless something was spilled directly on it. The cover, on the other hand, will require a weekly washing schedule. 

The same weekly washing routine will also apply if, like your blanket, you use your comforter every night without a cover. Remember to clean them and use products based on their specific care guidelines to avoid tearing the cloth. 

Bed Skirts and Curtains

Other bedroom pieces you need to pay attention to are your bed skirts and curtains. Although these are used mainly for decoration, dust mites can still settle on them. So, if you suffer from dust allergies, it’s best to wash them at least every two to three months. Alternatively, you can clean them twice or once a year if you’re not sensitive to these particles. 

Before starting, check what type of cleaning process is recommended for them. There are others that are okay with using a washing machine, while some may need to be hand-washed or steamed because of their delicate nature. Once you’ve figured that out, make sure to proceed with the other required directions to keep their colors and material intact. 

Final Thoughts 

Each person’s ideal sleeping environment may vary, but there is no doubt that a clean bedroom will help you get enough rest. These are only a few things to keep in mind in maintaining the tidiness of your room. But if it all gets too overwhelming, you can always get in touch with a company that specializes in basic house cleaning services. All you have to do is to research the best ones in your area and make an appointment by contacting them.

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