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10 Must Have Features of Fintech App

by blindertech
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Fintech, also referred to as financial technology, has completely changed the financial sector and how people interact with money. With the help of fintech, we can now manage our finances from the convenience of our smartphones, including banking, investing, borrowing, and budgeting.

Fintech businesses must give their customers the best user experience possible given the rising demand for fintech apps.The ten essential qualities that users of fintech apps seek out will be covered in this post.

 A user-friendly interface, secure login, bill payment, investment and loan management, customized financial advice, alerts and notifications, customer service, and connectivity with other financial apps are some of these features which are provided by the finance app development company.

By including all these elements in your application, fintech businesses can gain a huge number of customers, remain forward with the competitors and also provide a great user experience to their audience.  

10 Most required Fintech app features:

1. Easy to Use Interface:

A user-friendly interface is the most important characteristic that customers search for in fintech applications. Customers expect the app to operate without any difficulties. Confusion and dissatisfaction might result from an overly complicated interface with several options. It is crucial to create an interface that is simple to use and comprehend.

2. Secure Login:

A secure login is the second characteristic that customers search for in fintech applications. Financially sensitive data, including credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and personal information, is handled by fintech apps. Therefore, having a safe login procedure is crucial. To protect client data, the login process should use end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication.

3. Budgeting and Financial Tracking:

Budgeting and financial tracking are the third features that customers look for in fintech applications. Customers want to conveniently track their expenses and income. A decent fintech software should contain a function that enables users to create budgets and track their spending against them.

To help users understand where their money is going, the app ought to contain a function that categorizes spending.

4. Bill Payment:

Bill payment is the fourth function that users look for in fintech applications. Clients want to be able to conveniently and promptly pay their invoices. Customers should be able to add their bills and pay them immediately from the fintech app thanks to this feature.

The application should also come up with a function that notifies users of the upcoming invoices also so that the users never forget to make the payment on time.

5. Investment Management:

Proper management of the investment is the fifth element that users lookout for in a fintech application. All the users want to invest their money conveniently and quickly through the fintech application they are using.

A feature is required that will ensure that the users invest properly in the stocks and mutual funds and other financial products they want. The app should incorporate a function that would analyze the risk tolerance and guide users about their investment.

6. Loan Management:

Loan management is the sixth feature users want in a fintech app. Customers want to be able to simply and at a fair interest rate borrow money. Clients should be able to apply for loans and follow their applications’ development with the use of a good fintech app. Additionally, the app must have a function that shows customers the interest rate and payback conditions in plain sight.

7. Personalized Financial Advice:

Personalized financial advice is the seventh characteristic that users look for in fintech applications. Customers want access to personalized financial advice that is catered to their specific needs. A decent fintech app needs to have a function that offers customers individualized financial guidance based on their financial objectives and risk tolerance.

8. Alerts and Notifications:

Alerts and notifications are the eighth characteristic that customers look for in fintech applications. Any significant financial events, such as a bill due date, a stock reaching a specific price, or a loan repayment date, should be communicated to clients. An on time alert and notification for the clients should be provided from a fintech application.

9. Customer Support:

Customer support is the ninth feature that users look for in the fintech applications. A proper and easy solution of their problems is required by clients while looking for the fintech app.

Application should be provided with every reliable source with which the customer can contact like on chat, email, phone call. The service for the customers should be approachable, around the clock to help out the customers with the problems and queries they are facing in using the application.

10. Integration with other Financial Apps:

Integration with other financial apps is the tenth feature that customers look for in fintech applications. Customers utilize several financial apps for a variety of functions, including banking, investing, and budgeting. To give users a unified view of their finances, a smart fintech app should contain a function that interfaces with other financial apps.


The ten elements listed above, in summary, are essential for fintech apps to draw in and keep users. Customers look for a variety of features in a fintech app, including a user-friendly interface, secure login, budgeting and financial tracking, bill payment, investment management, loan management, individualized financial advice, alerts and notifications, customer support, and integration with other financial apps.

To match customers’ expectations and remain competitive, fintech businesses should work to offer these features to their customers.

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