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10 Must-Have Website Design Elements for a Standout eCommerce Site

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eCommerce is the way of the future in business. Customers can now access businesses more easily thanks to the introduction of eCommerce. Even businesses that existed before eCommerce platforms began focusing on their online presence in order to be more visible to potential clients have begun to do so. Businesses that sell online require a lot of resources.

The ecommerce web design development aims to improve the customer’s experience on the company’s website. More customers will not be enticed to return to your business for future purchases if the website is not engaging or user-friendly. However, there are a few key changes that can be made to your eCommerce website development to make it more profitable for existing and future clients.

Here are a few essential elements that could prove highly effective in designing your eCommerce website:

Personalizing Customer Experience By Using Their Names

Customers will grow loyal to a firm’s products if they continue to receive the same degree of happiness, trust, and respect from the company. When selling a product in person, salespeople frequently ask for the customer’s name and utilise it to get the customer’s attention. If that consumer keeps returning to the store and the salespeople remember his or her name, it only adds to the sensation.

Landing Page Optimization

A website’s landing page is the first page that a customer sees when they visit the site. Just as a customer might enter an actual business based on first impressions, a landing page should do the same to entice the customer to explore the website further.When a consumer walks into a store, they usually go for the best-selling item or the one that is on sale; your eCommerce website’s landing page should do the same. Popular products, sales, or other invitations to explore the website further should be held for the main page. Furthermore, if a buyer has merely come to hunt for things on sale, the main page may be of assistance.

Using Product Images With Improved Quality

Having a high-quality product image will help to attract more customers to that product.A image with a good composition, clear lighting, and brilliant colours will attract more attention than one with a very simple composition and mediocre appeal.

The photos must also be able to be download rapidly. Time is of the essence in the current world, and people do not want to wait for an image to appear on their screen after a long time. They want the webpage and image to download quickly.

Picture Zooming Option

The Zoom option for the products is a fairly essential one that is often overlook on most websites. If the picture used is of good quality, the Zoom function allows the buyer to zoom in and out of the product and discover its features. If the consumer attempts to zoom into the image, the picture should not get hazy or deform.

It’s Critical To Include Shipping Information.

Giving clients visibility into shipping details and potential charges goes a long way toward creating a brand’s image. The customer will also value specific information on the various shipping prices for various geographic regions.

Filters For Pricing

There are no two customers alike. Everyone will have a unique demand, taste, and preference pattern, as well as a unique budget. If your website sells products that appeal to a wide range of preferences and budgets, a price filter option would help your website appeal to a wider range of customers. Customers can use the price filter to find the best deal.


A wishlist is a collection of things that customers like but are unable to purchase in the near future owing to a variety of causes. Providing customers with a wishlist option allows them to return to your website and recall what they want the last time they were there. Furthermore, wishlists can recognise a customer’s preferences and notify them of new product offers.

Contact Information On Feedback Forms

Customers interact with your firm via eCommerce mostly through an online medium that lacks a human touch. Including contact information on feedback forms and other publicly accessible places of the website is a must. It will make customers aware of the human entities associate with the brand, which will contribute to a sense of confidence.

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Using the Influence Of Ratings And Reviews

The ability to rate or review products is a critical component of a high-quality website design. When customers leave reviews, they tend to feel more invest in the organisation. Correspondence about such reviews fosters a sense of mutual respect between the business and the customer. A community can be built around an eCommerce website.

The website should be user-friendly on mobile devices.

Websites are now view on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. The present generation wants to get the most out of their smartphones and tablets. According to Google research, mobile devices account for over 60% of all internet traffic. Customers should be able to access the website from both their PCs and their mobile devices.

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