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5 Of the Best Videogames to Play in 2022

by blindertech
Videogames to Play in 2022

We are still in the first half of the new year. The pandemic has still rendered most conventional fun activities impractical. At least for now. But 2022 has already proven to be a game-changer. Especially in the ever-growing world of gaming! More and more people are using existing home internet like Charter Spectrum internet service to escape the stress online. And gaming, as always, remains one of the best ways to have fun without stepping away from your PC or your gaming console. That’s not to mention how it is one of the safest and most responsible ways to keep yourself entertained during the pandemic. If you’re not sure what to play this year, check out some of the best releases in 2022 so far.  

Read on to find out more. 

Unleash Your Kung Fu with Sifu  

If you’re looking for deep storylines and intense character backstories, Sifu probably isn’t for you. But if you yearn for the comfort of beat-em-up games from a bygone era, Sifu hits all the notes and hits them exactly right. Sifu bridges a unique gap between arcade games of the 20th Century and modern-day graphics with a stunning (if simple) martial arts game. 

The objective is not complicated. You’re a kung fu master and there are tons of angry bad guys coming to get you. All you have to do is beat them up for as long as you can. This may not sound very impressive. But you have to play it to remember just how much you miss the primal happiness that comes from an intuitive combat game. It may not be for everyone, and certainly not for very young audiences. But for older gamers, Sifu and endless fight sequences are a welcome distraction from the outside world.  

Become a Military Strategist with Total War: Warhammer 3 

The Total War franchise has been around for many, many years. Originally, it followed a historical path, more or less. From Rome to Japan to Napoleon, Total War offered gamers the chance to fight enemies. But not as an individual! Instead, it allowed budding military strategists to control entire armies. This proved quite a successful way to attract players who were interested in history, war, and gaming. Total War then underwent a fundamental change and stepped into the world of Warhammer. 

A world of orcs, magic, and unmitigated bloodshed. Total War: Warhammer III is the crowing addition to a successful trilogy. Very few games have managed to pivot away from their origins with such success. It has succeeded in adding fantasy buffs of the Lord of The Rings variety to its diverse player demographic.  

Skate Back Into Nostalgia with OlliOlli World 

Remember when Tony Hawk was all the rage? Skateboard culture had a brief but glorious rise to the top, accompanied by grunge music and Air Jordan sneakers. The resurgence of retro culture today is perhaps the best setting for a game like OlliOlli World. Unlike Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, however, this game takes a far more laid-back approach. It does not even use a 3-dimensional approach. Instead, OlliOlli World is a 2D game with simple dynamics. 

Keeping up the speed going forward is still essential. But you go through much tougher challenges than other skateboarding games. Compete with challenging obstacles, perform stunts, and make it to the checkpoint by the end of the stage. The chilled-out graphics all feature a lazy 2-D utopia we all deserve but never could live through. Until now.  

Google’s New Doodle Game – Pacman 30th Anniversary

Non-Stop Action with Rainbow 6: Extraction 

Speaking of games with an entirely new take on their origins, Rainbow 6: Extraction is definitely doing it right. Based on Tom Clancey’s popular military/intelligence novels, Rainbow 6 has been a favorite in the first-person shooter genre for over a decade. However, Extraction turns Ubisoft’s iconic franchise into something that is completely different, yet still very familiar.

 In this game, you still have the same characters and weapons. But the world you play in is now the aftermath of what seems like an alien invasion. The visceral landscape, fast-paced action, and terrifying enemies kick it several notches above even the most die-hard fan’s expectations.  

Fight Japanese Demons and Spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo 

Ghostwriter: Tokyo comes from the same company that brought us Evil Within. That franchise in itself was a hugely popular game. But Ghostwire completely changes the game setting and animation standard. Instead of a seemingly normal American suburb, you will find yourself in the heart of Tokyo, Japan’s largest and most populous city.

And the population in this case includes just about every demon and vengeful spirit you could imagine! The game blends an apocalyptic setting and survival in the same vein as Fallout 4. But as you would all agree, the Japanese aesthetic leaves its own mark.  

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