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5 Short-Term Investment Plans in India for Quick Returns and Low Risk in 2023

by john wick

Investors seeking a nice short term investment plan can do so by using this guide for help. These are five of the best short term investment plan options that are marked by low risk and faster returns. We’ve listed the fixed deposits, liquid funds, arbitrage funds, corporate funds and post office savings schemes. In case you are interested, head over to Bajaj Finserv for more information on these plans, how to apply for anything you’re interested in, and how to get updated on the best FD rates in India 2023.    

Now it’s much simpler to increase your wealth through investments. However, short term plans may be a good choice if you want quick returns and lower risk. Most of these short term plans mature within a timeframe of one to three years. This blog closely examines five of the most popular short-term investment schemes and the best FD rates in India 2023.

Fixed Deposits 

Seasoned investors and regular individuals like fixed deposit schemes for their low-risk and guaranteed returns. Another reason why it’s the best short term investment plan is because you deposit your money for a certain amount of time, and the interest rate is fixed. These schemes even offer higher interest rates than savings accounts, and returns are ensured. Several NBFCs and banks offer FD with flexible tenures, reasonable interest rates, and more.  

Liquid funds 

Here, you are investing in debt securities that have a maturity period of 91 days. Along with getting higher returns, investors can enjoy faster returns with lower risks. Fund managers can manage these liquid funds by investing the cash through diversifying those funds in debt securities for increased stability and liquidity.   

Arbitrage Funds

This type of fund capitalises on the differences in the prices of cash and derivatives markets. This information helps investors to invest in the stocks and derivatives markets at the same time. Investors looking for quick returns will find arbitrage funds ideal because they have low risk and low volatility. As equity funds, they also offer tax benefits.

Corporate Deposits

Instead of banks, corporations offer corporate deposits similar to fixed deposits. They offer higher interest rates than fixed deposits, making them attractive investments for investors seeking quick returns. Since the government’s deposit insurance scheme does not cover them, they carry greater risk. Any corporate deposit should be thoroughly researched and subjected to due diligence.

Post Office Savings Schemes

The Post Office Savings Scheme is a safe and secure investment option for investors seeking short-term investment plans with low risk. Popular among these are the Public Provident Funds, National Savings Certificates, KisanVikasPatras, and the Post Office Monthly Income Schemes.

But more importantly, Bajaj Finserv guarantees customisation based on the investors’ needs and their risk tolerance. The result is you now have an excellent choice when diversifying your portfolio. Investors wanting to grow wealth using the short term investment  can trust Bajaj Finserv.

These options attract most investors because they are low-risk and offer tax advantages and guaranteed returns. They even come with flexible options to meet varying investment needs. 

Investing in any of these short-term plans can be beneficial as they offer fast returns and low-risk options. Other options include liquid funds, fixed deposits, arbitrage funds and even corporate deposits. You should select one based on your investment horizon, financial goals, and risk tolerance. 

Short-term plans, when chosen based on your individual needs, can help you to achieve goals easily. Look no further than Bajaj Finserv for all your investment needs. They are an NBFC that offers multiple instruments like fixed deposits, corporate deposits and liquid funds as well. 

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