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9 Reasons Why Students Should Away From Social Media

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Every student is active use of social media in 2021. There are numerous social media platforms on the internet like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. We all use these platforms to communicate and have fun with our friends. As a regular user of social media, you can easily spot the changes in your life. We must limit the time that we spend on staying online. Use online entertainment platforms just for fun, do not make it a part of your daily routine. Instead of staying active on social portals, we should do something productive in life. Students should try to complete their pending writing works. If you are not getting enough time then you can take assignment help for completing your tasks. Social media can offer you few leads towards academic writing portals.

Here are some reasons why you should limit the use of social media – 

1. Decreases Focus –

Students who are regular users of social media platforms cannot focus on any academic activity. Continuous use of online platforms decreases the concentration power and students do not want to study for any educational purpose. Social media platforms must be used only for entertainment purposes not for staying online for the whole day. It is mentally challenging for the students to study from their books instead of randomly scrolling through social media.

2. Sleep Reduction –

Students stay online till late at night chatting with their friends. It ruins the sleep cycle and makes you a sleep-deprived person. Students must be in a routine and provide at least 7-8 hours of sleep to their bodies. Continuous use of social media can make you an insomniac person where your body will never feel sleepy. Instead of social media one should focus on their books and sleeping at the correct time.

3. Distorts Posture –

Regular use of social channels will make you stick to your Smartphone. Your neck will bend down and your whole body posture will be ruined. Instead of using social media for the whole day, we should reduce the screen time of our phones. It might be mentally very challenging to give up upon social media but once you do that you will love that. Students should quit social media for increasing their productivity.

4. Wastage Of Time –

Social media offer zero benefits and learning to the students using it. All the time that you spent on any platform and staying online is of no use. Rather than staying active, we should focus on doing something productive in life. There are many platforms on the internet that allow you to learn several skills for free, you can try that. We should never waste our precious time on social media.

5. Eyesight Reduction –

Due to the regular use of social media and staying on your phone can reduce your eyesight. We all should use social media platforms to certain limits. The blue light emitted by the screen is highly dangerous for the human eyes. We must immediately stop using the phone for long durations. Instead of using the Smartphone for long hours, we should do something more productive and important that adds value to our life.

6. Addictive Nature –

Social media platforms are designed in such a way that users cannot quit them. Many Psychological concepts are used while creating an application for social purposes. Students cannot stay away from their mobile phones and they will check their phones every 5 minutes. It is highly addictive and decreases the duration of focus. Our mind gets distracted every 5 minutes and we check our phones.

7. Bad For Health –

Regular use of social media is very bad because it will not let you do the basic tasks of your life. You will always be glued to your phone and will never focus on your physical, mental, and academic health. Students do not work out or do any kind of physical activity due to the presence of a social media platform. Even if they do, their phone acts as a distraction and will not let them do anything.

8. Decreases Percentage –

Due to the continuous use of social media, students do not want to study or do any educational activity. It impacts their percentage because they cannot write answers in the exam. Students should track the timing of the use of social media and use it within certain limits. The time spent on staying online classes should be invested in studying for the exam and preparing assignments. It is highly dangerous for the grades of the students.

9. Distractions –

It is a distraction in our life. We all have the habit of checking our phones every 5 minutes because of the addition of social media. This addiction has now become a distraction because, in between an important task, we check our phones. It has become the biggest disturbance in the life of the students because it is diverting them from their goals and creating several distractions.


Students should use social media platforms for entertainment purposes and should never try to make them a part of their life. Focusing on your career and writing all the documents will bring you more close to success. You can try to take online assignment help and reduce social media usage will get enough time for finishing your writing tasks. The career should always be your priority rather than using social media.

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