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Blue Topaz Rings

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If you’ve ever thought of buying a Blue topaz ring for a loved one, you may have already realized how beautiful it can look. After all, the gemstone is the birthstone for December, and it symbolizes loyalty and righteousness. The light blue shade of this gemstone evokes calm and tranquility, reminiscent of the expansive blue skies and ocean waters. To choose a stunning blue topaz ring, you should visit a jewelry store such as Gabriel & Co. The store carries a wide selection of this gemstone ring styles in a variety of metals.

Topaz is a universal gemstone, able to be combined with any gemstone of your choice. A ring with this stone is a wonderful heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation. The art-deco design trend has been popular since the early 1900s, influencing architecture, visual design, and fashion. A blue topaz ring will capture the spirit of art-deco while incorporating timeless style into an elegant piece.

Whether buying a ring with a blue topaz stone or another gemstone, be sure to choose a ring sized appropriately for the hand with less weight. Because of the hardness of topaz, it can break, so sizing it properly will reduce the risk of breaking. To ensure its longevity, you should store your ring in a jewelry box compartment devoted to topaz rings. You can also buy larger sizes of blue topaz to make your purchase more affordable. Shop Gemstone Rings now from Butler Collection.

When cleaning blue topaz jewelry, you should avoid exposing the stone to ultrasonic cleaners. Lotions will coat the gemstone, which will decrease its luster until the next cleaning. Similarly, high temperatures can permanently fade colored gemstones. A few words of advice: Always remove the ring when applying lotions, steam, or household chemicals. You can also use a soft brush with room temperature water to clean the gems.

Most of the blue topaz gemstones are heat-treated and chemically treated. These treatments change their color, clarity, and brilliance and can be permanent. The MyJewelrySource.com website presumes that the blue topaz has been chemically treated. Topaz has also been cut into pieces. Get pearl rings at great prices. By understanding how these enhancements are made, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for your jewelry. And a little bit of knowledge never hurts, so don’t let a fancy diamond or ring annoy you. As a birthstone, Blue topaz has many other meanings. Ancient Romans thought that the gemstone could break spells and help the wearer rid himself of anger. Likewise, wearing a Topaz above the heart was said to guarantee long life, beauty, and intelligence. The popularity of Brazilian topaz reached Europe during the 18th century gold rush, and the stone was used in the Protugese Royal Crown as a symbol of the sovereign’s wealth. Maria Pavlovna’s Parure Necklace was also made of Brazilian topaz.

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