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How Does Cerner EHR Software Help Your Workflows Run Seamlessly?

by blindertech
Cerner EHR

For most healthcare facilities, selecting the right health recording solution is a challenging task. This one thing requires you to invest hours of research in comparing different vendors, user reviews, pricing details, and more. An average physician in the United States spends more than 50 hours on work per week. With such a significant workload, it is hard for them to take out time to research, compare, and evaluate vendors. So here we will discuss how one of the top EHR providers – Cerner EHR – lets users simplify their daily workflows. 

In this detailed guide, we will walk you through different Cerner EMR solutions, features, reviews, and benefits. 

What is Cerner EHR?

Developed in 1979, Cerner is a Missouri-based EHR provider that offers software solutions for medical facilities and hospitals. They deliver Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) solutions for long-term healthcare practices, facilities, labs, and pharmacies. 

This platform aims to streamline clinical workflows for medical providers and healthcare workers, cut down on costs, and improve operational efficiency. It offers a set of robust features and functionalities that caters to more than 40 specialties. With simple recording and task automation features, healthcare professionals can save a lot of time to ensure the delivery of best patient care possible. Moreover, it allows physicians to see more patients on a given day, increasing overall revenue without compromising the quality of care. 

The vendor helps users store, retrieve, and access patient health information in both hospitals and outpatient care setups. With more than 30,000 licensed healthcare facilities all around the globe, Cerner reported a net profit of $780.1 million in 2020.

Cerner EMR Types 

Cerner EMR software allows healthcare facilities to get rid of administrative tasks by automating medication documentation and diagnoses. However, the vendor offers various solutions to suit the needs of different types of care providers. We have put together Cerner’s most popular solutions so you can know which one is the right for you. 

CareTracker by Cerner

CareTracker by Cerner is designed to meet the needs of long-term care facilities, retirement houses, assisted living centers, and special care facilities. 

Some of the highly appreciated features of CareTracker by Cerner are:

  • Assessment notifications & alerts
  • POC documentation
  • Clinical intelligence capabilities

Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR

The second one on our list is Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR that is suitable for healthcare practices of all sizes. It offers specialty-specific solutions for more than 50 medical specialties. 

Some of the key Cerner EMR features include:

  • Analytics & reports
  • Patient portal
  • Laboratory integration
  • E-prescribing
  • Patient chart search
  • Medicare eligibility verification
  • Pre-designed and customizable templates

Cerner Millennium

Cerner Millennium is another popular EMR solution offered by Cerner. It is ideal for large enterprise healthcare providers with multiple specialties and departments. 

Some of the highly acclaimed features of Cerner Millennium include:

  • Detailed medication documentation
  • Audit reporting
  • Lab and drug alerts

Cerner EHR Reviews: Overview of Benefits

Based on top Cerner EHR Reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this software solution:

  • The software offers convenience and helps patients save time with the help of a patient portal. They can check-in online prior to a visit, access lab results, edit personal information, and communicate with their providers. 
  • It provides 24/7 customer support and even helps users with installation and implementation. 
  • Users have to spend far less time on documenting and charting data. It also facilitates communication between clinical and billing teams with integrations that simplify processes. 
  • You can leverage health analytics to provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment. There are real-time updates that also keep information accurate. 
  • The auto-texting feature of the software is a noteworthy functionality in its dynamic documentation. It allows users to automatically pull up and call out a pre-completed information using triggers. You can also evaluate this feature during a Cerner EHR demo
  • Patients can send secure messages to staff members and their providers through the patient portal. This feature enables patients to participate more actively in their care process. 
  • You can integrate Cerner EMR with other systems to connect operational, clinical, and financial data using Health Network Architecture which is an intelligent platform. 
  • It offers tools to let you look up patient information with ease. You can also track financial performance as well as store and access documents electronically. 
  • The software also supports third-party integration that accelerates the process of medication prescription refills. It also enables users to coordinate and connect with multiple pharmacies or a specific pharmacy depending on the preference of their patient. 

Other Solutions by Cerner

Cerner comes with different healthcare solutions, including Cerner RCM, Cerner PM, and mobile apps. Its practice management system enables medical experts to handle the operational and administrative tasks like managing appointments, scheduling, financial reporting, billing, and many more. 

Cerner RCM

Nowadays, more and more healthcare providers are looking to implement Cerner solutions into their organizations. One of the most popular solutions by Cerner is their RCM solution. Some practices still prefer managing their medical billing in-house, while others prefer outsourcing their billing and revenue management. 

Cerner Practice Management

Other than taking care of your practice’s clinical aspects, Cerner offers a practice management solution that helps users to streamline their administrative and operational tasks. 

Some of the key functionalities of Cerner PM include:

  • Patient scheduling
  • Medical and ambulance billing
  • E-eligibility insurance checking
  • Posting payments

Cerner Mobile Apps

The vendor also offers PowerChart Touch, a mobile app that assists providers in managing their EMR and PM on the go. It also helps users to:

  • Draft and sign progress notes
  • Chart patient progress
  • Review patient charts
  • Document patient symptoms, medical history, and potential allergies
  • Use speech recognition tools to make notes

Final Thoughts about Cerner

Cerner EHR offers a comprehensive range of tools to help practices streamline their daily workflows. It provides thorough security for sensitive medical information. Most users appreciate its ability to support collaboration between different healthcare facilities. Overall, it is an excellent EHR choice for practices looking for a secure, user-friendly software solution. 

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