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How to choose the most suitable balustrade for your home?

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How to choose the most suitable balustrade for your home

You may be thinking about adding some new decorations to your outdoor space, such as building a staircase, a deck, then you have to consider whether you need a balustrade and handrail. When do you need a balustrade? When do you need a handrail? What materials are available for balustrades? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? Which one is the most suitable composite decking balustrade for your needs? Let’s take a look.

When will you need a balustrade?

A balustrade is required when a home has stairs, decks, or raised areas where the difference between adjacent levels is more than 600mm. A balustrade is a form of protection that is an important safety feature and is most commonly used on decks, stairs, terraces, and balconies. In addition, balustrades also have an aesthetic effect, and a beautifully designed balustrade can add beauty to your yard and garden.

What are the requirements of the balustrade’s height?

So how should the height of the railing be set? The height of the balustrade varies depending on the location.

Railing in front of windows – 800mm

Stairs, ramps, edges of internal floors and landings – 900mm

Exterior balconies, roof edges, etc. – 1100

How many kinds of balustrades there are?

There are many options for balustrades materials, more than you see in daily life. The next part of the article will detail the types of balustrades available.

Wrought iron balustrade

Vertical wire balustrade

Composite balustrade

Aluminum balustrade

Timber balustrade

Glass balustrade

Wire balustrade

Which is the most suitable one for you?

When choosing the most suitable balustrade, a combination of safety, maintenance, aesthetics, and durability needs to be considered.

There’s a reason why timber balustrade have remained popular – they’re versatile, sturdy, and easy to use. They can also be an inexpensive option if you’re on a tight budget, and you can easily repaint it to the color you prefer. Just keep an eye out for good weather conditions for a few days while you paint. Composite balustrade owns the same propeties as WPC decking, as the same as composite pergola.

Glass balustrades allow plenty of air and light in and are stunningly beautiful, but they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. It is very popular in homes and offices alike. Often, this type of balustrade creates a clean, modern, and spacious aesthetic that may not look very much like home in a very traditional setting. If you have a high demand for neatness along with aesthetics, then glass balustrade maintenance will consume a lot of your time and energy. If you don’t want to spend some time cleaning it frequently, then glass balustrade is not the type of material to recommend.

Wrought iron balustrades are suitable for industrial spaces or modern homes, and they can be designed to be lighter than timber. They are strong and elegant. Unlike timber or aluminum, which can rot and rust, wrought iron can withstand a myriad of harsh weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for a deck, balcony, or veranda railings.

Aluminum balustrades are a popular choice because they are lightweight and durable. They require little maintenance in both wet and dry conditions, require no painting or polishing, and are cheaper to manufacture than other balustrades materials. However, if you live near the coast, it may not be suitable for outdoor use because it requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning. Wrought iron balustrades and WPC balustrades are perfect for you because they are highly weather-resistant and can withstand harsher environments.

For outdoor decorations, it is critical to choose weather-resistant materials. Unifloor balustrade is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. First of all, its material nature determines that it is highly durable. Secondly, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain. It can be easily cleaned with water. And there are many choices in terms of color and style.

I hope it will be helpful to you. Combine your needs and make the most suitable choice.

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