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How to Make a Mod For Minecraft

by blindertech

If you are a new developer then you may be looking for a way to make money from your game. One way to make a lot of money is to create a mod for your favorite games. A game such as Minecraft is a great game to make a mod for because it is easy to add to and you can find all sorts of different ways to make it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Rooftop Eclipse Tower House Add-On SP Fivem

The Rooftop Eclipse Tower House Add-On is a mod for the game Fivem. This add-on includes new interiors for the house. Besides new interiors, the add-on also includes new peds and a new hanger. Also, you can find other items in the house, such as an exotic export, a peyote plant, a clubhouse, Easter Eggs, action figures and collectibles. In addition, there are also scripts and MLOs, which are similar to the Fivem version of the game.

Another version of this mod is the Trevor’s Log House Add-On. This mod contains 212 new peds, as well as the roof of the house.


Fivem is a third party multiplayer server system, designed to create a custom gaming experience. Players will be able to act as characters and craft items using a minecraft inspired grid system. It also allows players to support other mods, such as GTA 5.

Fivem vehicles is developed by Marc Mlo, who has two years of 3D modeling development experience. He also owns Greece’s biggest Fivem mods shop. Since the release of the mod, the community has grown immensely, and he has made a huge number of updates. This includes a new 1.0 update.

The mod allows players to create their own mlos, which they can use to craft their own items and run their own businesses. There are dozens of new custom building MLOs to choose from. You can also purchase a ready-made Fivem mlo, which can be installed in just a few minutes. These mlos have been adapted to work on Fivem, making them a good choice for new players.

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