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How To Solve Microsoft Outlook Error Code

by blindertech
Outlook Error

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email-generating apps that provides you with a lot of features. There are so many people who prefer MS outlook rather than any other email-generating platform as it helps you to manage or create documents for both personal and professional purposes. But sometimes it shows some error code when you are using outlook or any other software of Windows. If you are getting some error code while watching a space movie made in 1992 on your pc or laptop then read this article carefully as the article provides you with the best resolution to solve the problem.

Some common error codes are:

  • Connection error
  • Error 0x80070002
  • Error 0x0 0x0
  • Error 0x800CCC0F
  • Error 0x800ccc19
  • Error pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2
  • Error – 0x8004210a

Reason of having the Errors:

i)                    Installation issues:

One of the most common reasons for having the error code is improper installation. If you install the software improperly you may have the pii_email_bdf13af903a8f5707fb2 error.

ii)                  Having other email generating platforms:

When you have an extra email generating software with outlook on the same laptop or PC you can have the error.

iii)                Sprint Antivirus:

It is another reason for having the error. For this you have to refresh the page or restart your system.

iv)                Having another outlook account:

If you are using more than one outlook account on the same system you may have the error.

v)                  Using old version:

When you are using the old version of outlook, it will disable access to any new features and show the error.

How to solve Microsoft outlook error code:

there are so many methods, you can apply to get rid of the error such as:

1.      By removing security software:

when you are using an outdated antivirus or firewall on your system, you may have the error 0x0 0x0 code. Not only this error you can face any other errors and even have the problem by sending or receiving mail. To solve the problem, follow the below steps:

click on network control panel → select Switch → right click on network collection → select properties → at the end click on turn off Firewall

It will help you to solve the error.

2.      By clearing caches and cookies:

when your system has too many cached files, you can have the error. To solve the issue you can take help of this method. To clear all caches and cookies you have

click on file → select options → left click on clear all caches and cookies

This method is very applicable for all the outlook users.

3.      Updating MS outlook:

In the past section we discussed that using an outdated and broken MS outlook can be a major reason for having those errors. As in the updated version of outlook you can have lots of features and your windows PC or laptop needs that as well. So, if you are using an old version, it will be great to update it as soon as possible so you can face these errors.

4.      By removing other email generating software:

if you have other email generating applications except MS outlook, you must remove the other applications. As there is a conflict between both applications by creating such issues. To resolve the issue, you have to uninstall all the untrusted or third-party apps which cater your system to work smoothly.

5.      Running antivirus:

if your system has a virus, not only is your system running slow but also you have faced these types of errors. For this you have to run antivirus.


There is no problem or error which cannot be solved. Moreover, MS outlook gives you lots of features, but also creates such errors. but with these methods you can solve the errors.

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