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How to write an effective B2B emailing subject line?

by blindertech

You know how to do an email to your prospects, and you now need to optimize this B2B emailing. The choice of the object is always a delicate moment. The first instigator of opening, you must however pay very particular attention to its writing. Here are some tips to make it both more relevant and more attractive.

Why is the subject of your B2B emailing important?

Creating a B2B emailing must allow you to achieve your objective, clearly and precisely defined. Every detail is important. And if your message must adapt to each campaign. it must also respond to the specificities of the B2B approach. The subject line of your B2B email appears to be one of the keys to the success of your marketing campaign.

The subject of a B2C or B2B emailing campaign is indeed one of the main monitoring points for anti-spam software. Whether it is a dedicate solution or an option for your internal messaging system, this software will analyze the terms use in the subject of your B2B emailing. Overly commercial terms (free, urgent, offer, promo, take advantage of it quickly!) Are often associat with spam. With the name of the sender, the subject of your B2B mailing conditions the improvement of the deliverability of your messages. It would be detrimental if your time and energy spent creating professional email marketing were wast with the classification of your marketing message as spam.
But if the subject of your B2B emailing conditions its deliverability, it will also be the trigger for your recipients to read your message.

The subject of your B2B emailing, an invitation to discovery!

84% of professionals survey recognize that they open an email first and foremost because of a relevant and attractive subject. The goal of your subject line is to make people want to read your message, not to sell. A commercial offer, as interesting as it is, only motivates in 25% of cases the opening of your B2B emailing by your recipients.Then evoke it in the body of your message, and focus on making the subject of your marketing message relevant eWorldTrade and attractive.

For this, your writing should not be limit to describing your product or your service (“Software to write an effective B2B emailing object”) .but well underline the benefit promise to your recipient (“Saving time in writing your messages marketing ”).

Your recipients should be able to instantly identify the benefits they can get from your offer. To be relevant, the subject of your B2B mailing must therefore be adapt to your target.

How to properly write a B2B emailing subject line?

Doing a B2B mailing, therefore, implies a great deal of attention to writing the subject of your message. By always keeping in mind that you are talking to a professional.
• Choose a short subject (ideally less than 50 characters)
• Ban any deceptive object (not false advertising!)
• Personalize! (this could increase your open rates by almost 30%)
• Avoid word spam (“Promo”, “Free”, “%”)
• Choose a direct color and simple wording

And to perfect the success of your B2B emailing campaign, test your objects, perform A / B tests, and scrupulously analyze the results of previous ones, in order to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

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