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Is Rapper Seven Sirius Benjamin Dating a Celebrity Girl?

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Sirius Benjamin

Although Seven has not confirmed his relationship status with a celebrity girl, it is widely believed that he is dating an unnoticed American girl. The rapper prefers to keep his relationship off the media, just like his father taught him to do. While Seven does not confirm his sexuality, he does seem to be gay. We will continue this discussion later. But for now, let’s stick to rumors about him dating women.

Erykah Badu and Sirius Benjamin

The son of Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu, Seven Sirius Benjamin is a rising star in the music industry. The young singer and songwriter was born on 18 November 1997. The singer and songwriter continued to date during their early years of marriage, and their relationship continued until their divorce. Though the two divorced, they remained together to raise their son. Benjamin has two half-siblings from his mother’s side.

The couple co-parented Seven. Seven is now 22 years old. The pair shared a sweet video of the two in a car. The video was shared across the web, and fans immediately noticed the similarities. However, there are some differences between the two. Though the pair shares similar fashion senses and vocal tones, they are distinctly different individuals.

Their relationship began when Andre and Erykah dated in 1999

The singer’s mother is a famous music producer and songwriter. She and Seven Sirius Benjamin’s son are incredibly similar in appearance, though he is a little more elusive on social media. However, they share a common taste in music, fashion, and music videos. They are both devoted to music and have great careers, but this has not stopped them from interacting with one another.

Athena Perample is an actress and fitness model

There are several details about the son of the singer, but it’s still unclear how his relationship has developed. Seven Sirius Benjamin is a privileged boy with famous parents. He probably has a girlfriend, but she hasn’t revealed it to the public. The rapper has not yet revealed anything about his personal life. He has not yet made any public statements regarding his relationship with Badu. However, his father is an exemplary role model and an inspiration for anyone seeking a relationship with a musician.

Although Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 are no longer married, their relationship has remained strong. They still remain friends and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship. However, Seven Sirius Benjamin and his mother have not ceased to be close. While the two were separated for a few years, their friendship remained strong, and they raised their son in harmony. Their daughter Puma Sabti is also the daughter of the couple.

Andre 3000

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997, in Dallas, Texas, United States. His mother is an acclaimed American singer and her father is an accomplished rapper known as Andre 3000. Benjamin’s parents split up when he was two years old. Since then, his mother raised him alone. Seven Sirius Benjamin is an American national and an African-American. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Who is Jayda Wayda?

Like many other celebrities, the son of Andre 3000 has also had his share of fame and fortune. Seven Sirius Benjamin has gone to high school in Dallas, Texas, and is now a student at an undisclosed college. He is the only child of Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu, who were together for years before they married in 2011. His parents’ renown and fame has also contributed to his rise to the top in the music industry.

The son of Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu, Seven Sirius Benjamin has not been visible on social media platforms, but his popularity has increased in the past year. Like his parents, Seven Sirius Benjamin’s upcoming career has taken him to new heights, and he is already a popular music star. His life and relationship with his mother are the stuff of legends, and we know that he is no exception.

While the couple split up in 2000, they remained on good terms. Seven Benjamin looks like his father despite their differing personalities and looks. But his parents’ chemistry is the only thing that has made his family a success. So we must not forget about his parents’ love life. Even though Andre 3000 has been in the spotlight for many years, he has been involved in numerous music and acting careers. Andre 3000 is a multi-faceted artist with many fans and achievements.

Puma Sabti Curry

The social media star is a daughter of rapper D.O.C, who nearly ended his career in 1988 after suffering injuries to his vocal cords. She is also a naturalized citizen of the United States, and is 5feet 4inches (165cm) tall. Her mother, Erykah Badu, is her mother. She has two siblings, one of whom is a singer, and is currently studying botany at an undisclosed college.

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a member of the Scorpio zodiac sign and is of Afro-American descent. His mother, Erykah Badu, has two other children, and her daughter Puma Sabti, also belongs to the Scorpio astrological sign. While there has been speculation about the father’s relationship with other people, she has not spoken publicly about his personal life, so there is no information available on her current romantic relationship. Seven Sirius Benjamin’s family is largely a mystery, but he does have two half-siblings.

Seven Benjamin shares the same ancestry as his mother.

They share similar physical characteristics and a similar style of clothing. While their parents did not have a child together, they did co-parent their children. Seven also has a half-sister named Mars Merkaba Thedford. Seven Benjamin has not publicly shared her personal information on social media, but she has a Tik Tok account, which has nearly 180,000 followers.

After the breakup with Jay Electronica, the singer has had numerous romantic relationships. She dated rapper The D.O.C. for a time and had a daughter with him. She later became involved with musician Jay Electronica and had another child in 2009, called Mars Merkaba. Sirius Benjamin has been an active role in Erykah Badu’s life since her divorce from Andre 3000.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s parents were famous hip hop artists and were also partners for Erykah Badu. Although they divorced shortly after the birth of Seven, they remained close and maintained a close relationship. He and his mother raised their son in harmony, where his father was absent. Andre was never attracted to her, but she continued to support him. Their son now lives in the spotlight.

Mars Merkaba

The American rapper Seven Sirius Benjamin is a son of Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is a naturalized citizen and studies Botany at an unknown college. His parents are well-known in the music industry and are often photograph with their sons. However, little is known about Seven Sirius Benjamin’s personal life.

Born November 18, 1997, Seven Sirius Benjamin is the son of Erykah Badu and Andre 3000. He is the elder of their two children. His parents divorced shortly after his birth. Despite the breakup, the two remained close and raised their son together. While the couple had a turbulent time in their relationship, they forged a strong bond and raised Seven Benjamin in an enlightened environment. Badu, the singer and actor, said they made a promise to one another when she got pregnant.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s parents are famous entertainers,

So it is only natural that they would want their son to follow their footsteps. He has never had a big role in the film industry, but his parents clearly want him to be a star like them. While he hasn’t made many appearances on the big stages, fans were amaze at how much Seven remind them of their dad. While fans were thril by Seven’s resemblance to their belove artist father, he remains very private about his personal life.

Her daughter Puma Sabti Curry, a half-sister of the rapper Seven Sirius Benjamin, was born in Dallas, Texas. She studied art and French while she was a child and later graduated from high school. She also taught physics, math, and astronomy at her mother’s studio. Puma Sabti Curry was born on July 5, 2004 and has two half-siblings, Andre 3000 and Jay Electronica.

While Mars Merkaba mainly rocks a gorgeous afro, he does have talent. His mother, Puma Sabti Curry, and Seven Sirius Benjamin all witnessed his birth. The family is supportive of the rapper’s ambitions and dreams. Mars may one day become a music superstar! So far, the rapper is enjoying his formative years with his family. The star is expect to be a huge success!

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