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Most Interesting Facts About iOS Developers

by blindertech

The world of custom iPhone application development would not be what it is without the iOS developers that create and maintain the over 2.22 million applications that can be found in the Apple App Store. iOS developers range from the at home hobbyist up to senior level professionals that work for a variety of custom mobile app development companies.

With over 1 billion active iPhone users and 1.65 billion Apple devices in total being used worldwide, iOS developers certainly have a wide audience to create custom mobile applications for. And with the constant advancement of technology, such as new coding languages and widgets that can be used in application development, iOS developers as a group seem to be on the cutting edge of the development space.

Most Interesting Facts About iOS Developers

iOS developers have a large hand in the custom iPhone application development space. From in-house developers to remote developers, there are an ever growing number of talented individuals within the industry. 

For those outside the iOS development space and for those interested in potentially working as an iOS developer themselves, we have pulled together some of the most interesting facts about iOS developers.

From the kind of coding language that iOS developers use to what kind of salaries can be expected within the space, read on for a list all about iOS developers and the work they do.

iOS Is A Highly Used Platform By Developers

With the introduction of the Apple App Store in 2008, the iOS platform quickly grew into a leading platform for custom iPhone application development. As of November 2021, iOS makes up 28.53% of the mobile operating system market share on a worldwide level.

This kind of growth and staying power of the iOS platform is reflected in the growing number of developers working on applications for iOS products. In 2018, there were 20 million registered developers on iOS, according to Tech Crunch. This reported number helped, at the time, to showcase Apple’s focus on creating an established “developer ecosystem and app marketplace.”

So 20 million plus developers are out there coding, developing, and working on custom mobile app development for the iOS platform!

Responsibilities of iOS Developers

iOS developers have a number of different responsibilities that come with their role! These can differ if a developer is creating iOS apps as a hobby compared to a professional developer. 

But a few responsibilities that developers have to oversee include:

  • Work on the development and design of iOS applications
  • Keep up to date on new skills, tools, and industry standards such as new updates released by Apple
  • Perform tests to ensure that mobile applications are functioning
  • Collaborate with other developers as needed/when needed
  • Maintain the code of an application once it is completed

Swift Is A Coding Language Specific To iOS Development

While there are a number of different coding languages that can be used for mobile application development, iOS developers have been using Swift alongside them since it’s initial release in 2014. 

Swift is a programming language that was specifically built by Apple with iOS development in mind. It is an intuitive programming language that is meant to give iOS developers quite a bit of freedom when it comes to development.

iOS developers get real-time feedback and can easily incorporate said feedback into the application they are working on. As a modern language, Swift includes shorter syntax and offers developers easier ways to maintain applications.

iOS Developer Salaries

For individuals that might be interested in pursuing work as an iOS developer, you might interested in what the current salary median is for developers. According to Apple’s site, they have created over 2 million jobs in the United States alone (though this is not strictly only for iOS developer jobs). 

This large number of jobs created does give us an idea of just how influential Apple and their iOS products have grown to be since the App Store’s launch in 2008 though.

But in terms of salaries, what is the median amount that an iOS developer might expect to make?

According to Built In, the average base income for an iOS developer in the United States sits at about $116,192. The minimum salary reported was $55,000 while the highest was $250,000.

Salaries that you might expect to see in the space can differ based on a number of different factors including:

  • Areas of specialization
  • Years of experience
  • Company size
  • Location

And with that, we have some of the most interesting facts about iOS developers. 

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