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Significance Of WPS Button in Edimax ax3000 Wireless Router

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Edimax ax3000 Wireless Router

The Edimax ax3000 Wireless Router is a wireless router with four inbuilt antennas which provides better signal strength and coverage. It comes with WiFi 6 mesh technology which delivers quick speed, minimum latency, and sky-high capacity as compared to WiFi 5 mesh system technology. It delivers a topmost speed of 580MBps in 2.4GHz and 2400MBps in 5GHz. With a dual-core processor, it delivers great performance for streaming games and videos. It supports a 2-in-1 model, through which a separate guest network can create to access the WiFi connection in a more secure way. Intelligent control over the device with TWT power-saving mode extends the battery life. Well-organized data communication can also establish with OFDMA  technology. Quick and easy setup and installation make this device more companion. With the small and compact design, it can connect to any device and is suitable for small offices and homes.

What WPS Button Can Do In Edimax ax3000 Wireless Router?

The WPS word stands for WiFi Protected Setup. With the WPS button, the user can also connect any compatible device to the router. The WPS button is labeled on the front or on the side of the router, it also depends upon the model of the router. There is an arrow-like symbol in some models indicating the WPS button. Setup by using the WPS button can be done via the Hardware WPS button and PIN method. Now we explain how you can set up the connection using the hardware WPS button.

Setup using Hardware WPS Button 

WPS button in Edimax ax3000 WiFi router using for setup and installations. Press and hold the WPS button for 3 to 5 seconds to activate it. Now the solid blue light starts blinking when the WPS feature enables. Now press the WPS button for the wireless devices with the WPS button to complete the connection. A wireless device without a WPS button, connection with it can also establish by pressing the push button configuration on the configuration page.

Setup Using PIN Method

The PIN mention on the back of the router or on the software configuration page. Press the WPS button on the Edimax router and also enter the PIN code on the wireless device builds a secure network connection.

Steps to do Edimax ax3000 Setup

Launch the browser and type edimax.setup or in the address field. Now enter the login credentials. The default password for login is admin. Now click on the sign button and you will also forward to reset the SSID for 2.4 and 5 if you are logging in for the first time. Now wait for a minute, and you will see applying settings option and the new interface will see the WLAN network to connect. Hence, the connection has been established. Setup using WPS can also establish using the WPS button as mentioned above.

Reset Edimax ax3000 Wireless Router

The Edimax ax3000 reset can complete using Hardware Reset and Web interface. Now we will also explain how you can rest the router using the Hardware method.

Hardware Reset 

Press and hold the reset button for 5 to 8 seconds and release the button. Wait for few moments until the router restarts. The device also starts restarting and all the settings will be reset. The router shows red blinking light, this means the router is ready to set up again. Now we are going to explain that how you can reset the router settings using the web interface.

Web Interface Reset 

Launch the web browser and also type the IP address in the address bar. Enter the username and ax3000 default password. Now click on the Sign-in button and you are log in. You also forward to a new page where you can see the available WLAN networks and Administration icon. Now click on the administration button to proceed. A new interface will also appear, just click on the Click and restore button. Just click on the reset button and tap on the OK button to reset all the factory settings.


It is also a very good router with four antennas which extends signal coverage over a wide area with an affordable price range. Using it for the last 14 months and still extends as it does when I purchase. I really like it and recommend it to all the buyers to purchase this product.

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