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Social Media Affects Your Relationship Significantly

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You Form New Relationships

Social media is a platform where we keep meeting a lot of people. It’s natural that some of them become closer, and start playing an important role in our lives. I know a few of my friends who met their spouses on Connect app, essentially an Indian social media channel. They first became friends, and subsequently developed a closer relationship. At the same time, there are many people whose relationships with their partners got spoiled because of someone they met on a social media platform. It’s a place where new relationships are formed, while often old relationships get broken up. 

While some people meet their love of life on these social media channels, there are many who left their spouses for someone new who they found more suitable. They either got mutually separated or went as far as getting a divorce. It’s not as if such things were not happening earlier. Even in the past, despite being married, people looked for new relationships, but they didn’t have a platform like social media. So, there were fewer cases of divorces, but now social media has changed all that. 

There are immense possibilities of finding a new partner on social media. You get opportunities to interact with people not from your own country, but from almost anyone in the world. There is no doubt that social media has given rise to misunderstandings especially among married couples.

Social Media Controls Our Lives

Ever since social media appeared on the horizon, it has been literally ruling our lives, work and relationships.  It brought out many positive and negative aspects of our relationships in the open. Oftentimes, controversies related to celebrities keep appearing on social media, where people candidly talk about their relationship status. Now, the mindset of people isn’t what it used to be a few years back. They have become bolder, and don’t hesitate from posting their personal photographs on channels such as Instagram or Twitter. In most cases, we are told about relationship statuses on social media. 

It’s Putting Relationships under Strain

There are a lot of people whose relationships were affected because their partners used social media excessively. To keep the juices of a relationship flowing, we need to frequently interact with our partners. Small things like spending more time talking with each other, going out for a walk, and shopping together goes a long way in cementing the relationship between couples. Social media has changed all that. Now, whatever free time people have, they usually spend scrolling through their social media channels. 

You will most likely find people checking their Instagram feeds, and Facebook notifications than chatting and discussing about their children, and their favorite TV shows with their partner.  The more time you spend on your phone, the more you will miss the little moments of joy and fun with your partner. Because of your preoccupation with social media, you end up giving either little or no time to your partner. 

In the present time, the entire engagement takes place on social media. Earlier, people looked for opportunities to spend more time with their partners. That created a better understanding among couples,  and they knew what was happening in their partners’ lives. Now, such communication rarely takes place making them clueless about each other’s problems. 

Self Esteem issues

Social media affects your confidence level and self-respect.  People more often than not take social media for real, forgetting that it’s a virtual world. Most pictures that you see on Instagram are heavily photo shopped and edited. Everybody wants to look beautiful on social media because that makes them feel good about themselves. 

So, they use many online tools to make their photographs perfect. There are a lot of people who take these things as true, and develop an inferiority complex. They begin comparing their lives with what they see on social media channels, and find their own lives boring and unexciting. They become unhappy, and create a lot of unnecessary tension in their lives. 

Social Media Gives Rise to Negative Emotions

One of the negative emotions caused by social media is feeling of jealousy that can affect an individual in many ways.  People who are forever hooked to social media often become jealous of others’ achievements.  They also wish to lead a similar kind of life, but instead of working hard to achieve them, they spend most of their time on social media. In fact, people often vent their frustrations on their partners that further deteriorate their relationships. 

Social Media Gives Rise to Infidelity

People are more likely to cheat in the virtual world of social media. Since it’s so convenient to contact people in the virtual world, you don’t realize when you cross the limits that give rise to extramarital relationships. There were so many instances of partners cheating on their spouses through social media platforms. The easy connectivity on these platforms gives rise to carnal desires of people. 

You Can’t Share Everything 

There are many users who fail to maintain decorum on social media, and discuss the ongoing problems in their married life with their friends. One need to understand that there are certain things between a couple that should always remain private, and the last thing one can do is to share such intimate details on social media. 

You don’t need to share these details with everyone. It breaks your communication channel with your spouse, because of your preference for social media friends to solve your personal problems. This is very unhealthy for your relationship, and results in irreplaceable damage. 

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