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Top 4 Uses of Statistics in Our Daily Life

by blindertech

Whenever you hear or read the word statistics, you most probably think about why we study statistics and what its uses are in our life.

Do you also think so?

I hope so because this is an obvious question that comes in our mind when we read any term, even other than statistics, such as mathematics, accounting, science, etc.

When we know the purpose of reading or writing any topic, we can read it with full concentration and dedication. It becomes easy to understand the topic when we know how it plays a role in our lives.

So, In this blog, I will cover the top 4 uses of statistics or in what areas statistics play a vital role. But before that, let’s have a look at the definition of Statistics.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is a subfield of mathematics that deals with collecting, analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting data. It is all about learning from data and drawing conclusions to make different decisions for different purposes. 

Statistics is mainly of two types: descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Where descriptive statistics focus on the small data sets, inferential statistics work on large data sets with the help of various statistical tools and techniques.

Let’s understand it with an example of our real life.

We all know we are facing rainy days of our lives due to the corona pandemic. In order to overcome this disease, various countries are working on different strategies such as social distancing, sanitization, vaccination, etc.

 So to track the people who got vaccinated or not, statistics play a crucial role. With the help of statistics, we can count how many people are corona positive, how many got well, how many vaccines are left without vaccines, etc.

Uses of Statistics

 We do not do the things that are of no use; for instance, we eat food to live and be healthy, listen to music to calm our mind and feel refreshed, and study to make our future bright. In the same way, we study statistics because it is widely used in numerous areas, such as economics, the medical field, business, finance, and many more. Below we are covering the top 4 areas where we use statistics primarily.

Weather Forecasting

In this modern era, you know almost everything, such as when it’s raining, when a cyclone is happening, when a tsunami will attack, when an earthquake occurs, etc.

Have you ever imagined how?

Maybe you know how, but some of you are still unaware of that. 

All these natural disasters we can estimate or predict with the help of data analysis in statistics.

All these statistics are done on computers that are based on the statistics functions. These computers compare the past recorded data with the present or current data and predict the weather.

So, now it’s easy for you to check the weather conditions before going outside with your family.


Many uses of statistics are there in sports in order to make the sports more effective. A sportsman can track his performance in specific sports.

The use of statistics in the field of sports is increasing day by day, as sports are gaining popularity continuously. For example, various statistics were behind the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, and on the basis of these statistics, authorities decided to schedule the sports in july 2021. 

Statistics show the huge number of cases of covid-19 at that time in Japan, but when the conditions seem under control, we are enjoying the Tokyo Olympics in July and celebrating the victory and medals of our legends.

In short, statistics helps to find out when, where, how to schedule the sports matches. Apart from this, statistics enable us to determine how many visitors can travel to watch sports in different cities and countries.


Research is another area where statistics do a lot of calculations such as data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, and presentation for the researchers.

Researchers can make a valuable conclusion with the help of statistics, such as in technological research, medical research, etc.

Statistics work on the drugs and medicines, their side effects and results. As well as the studies by race, age, gender, country, etc. Let’s take a current example; statistics are used to determine the origin of corona disease, spreading of corona in various countries, number of people getting affected, treating people, prediction of the second and third wave, vaccination etc.


In the education field, statistics help to know which techniques and methods of teaching are assertive for the student. And how it works. They track the students if they are studying properly or not and evaluate their performance.

Suppose the students are failing to respond in an expected manner. In that case, a teacher can analyze their views and performance to catch the weaknesses in the study pattern. And introduce them to the new pattern to improve their knowledge.

In this corona time when the school and colleges are close. It was a big challenge in front of the teacher to prepare their result, check their performance, and promote them in the next classes without exams. 

But they track the previous records of the students and make a fixed criteria for preparing. The result on the basis of past performance and preparing the result of the students. All this was possible just because of statistics.

Other Fields That use Statistics

Well, well uses of statistics are not bound to the above mentioned fields. It is extensively used in the other areas such as-







Prediction of diseases etc.


So, we have discussed some important uses of statistics, where statistics is as important as food for your survival. Statistics is vastly used and is a valuable career opportunity for the students. Who are interested in mathematics and statistics concepts. I hope now you understand why statistics is so useful for us. And how we use it in our day to day life.

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