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Top 5 Math Technology Best Tools to Engage Students/kids

by blindertech
Math Technology

Why Should Mathematics Educators Use Technology? What sorts of equipment are at your disposal? Is there a secret to making the most of technology in the classroom? These questions have long baffled mathematics educators.

These objectives can be achieved using both conventional and technological methods of instruction. Our first objective as educators is the success of our students. Therefore we must continually adapt our strategies for engaging them in the learning process and meeting their diverse needs.

In light of this, let’s take a look at five ways in which students might benefit from technological aids in the mathematics classroom.

5 math technology tools to engage students

1.      Sum Dog

Scientific evaluations have proven that the digital learning tool Sum Dog is effective. Students participate in stimulating mathematical activities. It is in line with both the Common Core and the most stringent state mandates.

Each student receives individualized instruction, and teachers can use progress reports to see if curriculum goals are being accomplished.

Students can use Sum Dog to review what they’ve learnt in a brief arithmetic session or on their own time. They can reflect on their development and select how quickly they wish to go based on the information provided in the reports.

Teachers can utilize the test data to tailor their instruction to the unique requirements of their students.

2.      Google Classroom

Managing a classroom and getting students to collaborate effectively is a lot easier using Google Classroom. This tool allows educators to manage their classrooms, distribute assignments and grade reports, and communicate with students. Over the Internet, students can collaborate on projects and share their progress with one another.

I created a first-grade maths course with video lessons that can be used in a traditional or flipped classroom setting. The films can be seen in Google Classroom to help students learn about the topic at hand and complete the corresponding homework.

Students have the option of working independently or in small groups. They can also disseminate their creations to an international audience. This facilitates their ability to get together and collaborate outside of the classroom as well.

The system will keep track of when assignments are turned in based on the due dates set by teachers. This makes life much simpler for the educator.

3.      99math

Students might also benefit from using the website 99 math to create presentations and projects. Students can create original works by picking fonts, layouts, and images from a large library of resources.

Presenting mathematical concepts and strategies to students is made easier with these visuals and themes that may be used by both teachers and students in the classroom.

4.      Plickers

Without having to provide students with their own devices, teachers can collect data for formative assessments using Plickers, a powerful online application. Students who can’t afford expensive electronic devices should not miss out on education or classroom participation.

5.      Popplet

Popplet is an online tool for mind mapping and note-taking. It can serve as a “thinking map” for students to use in their exploration and retention of mathematical concepts.

Popplet is visual organizer that can help students make connections between disparate pieces of information. It can help students organize their ideas and learn to draw connections between numbers, as demonstrated by the math anchor chart shown above.


Putting technology to good use in mathematics can seem like a daunting task. However, doing so can provide fruitful outcomes and show pupils how mathematics is used in the real world.

Share your experiences with using 99math technology in the classroom when teaching mathematics in the comments section below.

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