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Top 8 Exciting AWS Projects & Ideas for Beginners [2022]

by blindertech

AWS is an abbreviation for Amazon Web Service, which is one of the most widely used cloud computing systems. AWS delivers cloud services to developers and companies, allowing them to remain nimble in their operations. AWS is used by a wide range of businesses, from multimillion-dollar start-ups to government institutions. If you wish to work as a cloud computing specialist, you need get familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Customers may choose from a wide range of services offered by AWS.

Whether you’re a business intelligence specialist or a web developer, being knowledgeable with AWS can help you stand out on the job market. It is the most widely used cloud platform in the world, and there is a constant need for its professionals.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some possible AWS projects.

  1. Install a Windows VM on your server.

Creating a Windows virtual machine is a great way for students to get started with hands-on AWS Certification projects. Computer systems are simulated in virtual machines. For those with more technical knowledge, a virtual machine is an abstraction of the resources of a real computer. Because they exist in separate parts of the system, they can’t interact with other virtual machines on the same network.

  • Use AWS to Launch a website

If you’re a student, making a website is a great way to get your feet wet with AWS. It’s one of the simplest AWS projects to get started with on our list. Using the AWS cloud platform, you need to build a website. This project may be simplified by using Amazon Lightsail. In addition to offering SSD storage, Lightsail’s user interface is simple and intuitive. You won’t have any problems implementing this approach if you’re just starting off.

  • A Serverless Web App may be launched at this point.

There are several sophisticated AWS projects on this list, but after you finish this one, you’ll have a good understanding of many of AWS’s capabilities. Sprintzeal The following are the technologies we’ll be using in this project, along with their intended use.

  • Install Kubernetes on Amazon EC2 Spot and Configure

An AWS project like this is a fun one to construct. Using Kubernetes, you can deploy, manage, and scale containers in an open-source environment. Use this program to manage and orchestrate cloud computing containers. The importance of Kubernetes for cloud computing experts makes it one of the most prominent AWS projects on our list. A prominent open-source software platform, it’s also extensively used in the business. It’s a great starter AWS project for newbies.

  • Make Use of a Content Recommendation Engine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems are often used to provide recommendations. Everyone from Netflix to Flipkart makes use of them to improve the overall customer experience and level of engagement. Nearest neighbour algorithms may be used to develop a recommendation system on the AWS cloud.

  • Use Recognition to Identify Celebrities and Sports Stars.

In the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision is one of the most widely accepted notions. If you’re interested in working on a computer vision project, you should begin with this one first. Before you begin working on this project, you should have a basic understanding of computer vision and its associated algorithms.

  • Create Chatbots Using Lex.

Using artificial intelligence in chatbots has become a trendy trend. Using these, firms may improve customer service while reducing their operating expenses. Chatbots come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each one has a specific job to do. Instead of interacting with a real person, a chatbot converses with another party on the other end of a line.

  • SageMaker may be used to develop machine learning models.

In order to get into the machine learning industry, you’ll need to work on at least one machine learning project yourself. Even more amazing is the fact that Amazon SageMaker is one of the most popular machine learning tools offered by AWS. SageMaker is used in this project to train a machine learning model.

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