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Types of Truck Accident Claims

by blindertech

Commercial truck accidents have become prevalent these days. Due to the truck driver’s lack of focus and care, several innocent people lose their lives or sustain critical injuries each year. While truck drivers go under a lot of stress while driving on the road, they must ensure they are not risking their or anyone else’s lives to complete their journey. Commercial truck drivers must fulfill specific rules before going on the road. Since these drives cover long distances, federal and state governments have issued strict regulations. 

However, sometimes truck drivers do not follow these rules and end up causing hazardous accidents. Whether it was the truck driver’s fault or a mechanical issue with their vehicle, you might end up procuring injuries and even putting your and the passengers’ lives in danger. If you have been in a similar accident, please contact Turco Legal, P.C., as soon as possible to seek legal help in covering your losses. 

Tips for truck accident claims 

  1. Commercial truck accidents 

Commercial truck accidents are pretty common and often result in hazardous incidents. Since these drivers have to travel long distances, they sometimes get exhausted from traveling. However, the federal government has issued specific rules regarding commercial truck drivers, including a driver having to complete an optimum amount of house resting or sleeping before they start their journey. 

Nevertheless, not every truck driver is particular or sincere enough to follow these rules. Additionally, some truck drivers even drink while traveling long distances. Whether they do it for fun or to keep them awake for longer, it can be a potential risk for others traveling around them. 

Moreover, commercial truck drivers are also seen speeding or driving recklessly. Most of these vehicles carry heavy equipment, which makes it challenging for the driver to control the speed suddenly. As a result, the driver might crash into a car in form or might roll over at a steep turn if they do not slow down. 

  1. Truck driving accident due to fatigue 

Sometimes truck drivers are forced to drive for a long time to meet the delivery timeline. This has a lot to do with the trucking company that hired them. However, these companies are known to pressure drivers to complete delivery within a quick deadline which is challenging to cover. 

As a result, the truck driver continues driving even when tired, which can lead to an accident. When a person is tired, they are unable to focus on the road as attentive as they should 

This can result in a truck crashing into a car or overlooking a vehicle that just moved into its blind spot. 

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