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Understanding More About the Floristry Market, And Why It’s So Important

by blindertech

Sadly, there are less, what most people would refer to as ‘traditional’ crafts available for people to either, a) be a part of, or b) Make use of for whatever it is they would like to achieve. A perfect example would be florists, although they clearly don’t do the same job, florists are kind of like locksmiths in the fact that, they are part of a group of hands-on trades that have been about since the beginning of time, well, pretty much anyway.

Putting smiles on faces, all over the world 

The Floristry industry has evolved massively to become one of the biggest industries in the world, far surpassing anything else in its class. Clearly flowers are significant, hence the industry’s growth worldwide. Its global reach, and its ability to turn a frown upside down, within seconds are probably the most logical reasons that floristry was able to become such a force to be reckoned with. 

According to several experts, the floristry industry is estimated to be worth somewhere past the 1.5 – 1.6-billion-pound mark. Surprisingly enough, even despite world affairs, there remain to be around 6000 businesses nationwide, whereby you can walk In and meet a real person, you could even buy a flower bouquet Abu Dhabi, who would have thought You can see and smell your flowers before getting them arranged for you, whilst having a bit of a natter over a cuppa and a rich tea, or two.

Online florists

The events of the past few years have seen an increased rush to gear businesses towards online trading if they weren’t before. For those that were already well established, some have chosen to do away with floor space, and showrooms, instead, they have made the move to trade almost exclusively online using their website, and social media platforms. Typically, these types of businesses can operate at a much lower cost of operation, and they can make further cost savings by employing an independent courier.

Many businesses have taken a complete review joined forces too, so when you have a look at the online marketplace of hospitality and special occasions, you’ll find that there is more on offer to you than there was before. This is mainly due to two, or more companies that specialize in only one area of speciality joining forces, as such their virtual shelves are now a lot larger, and their product ranges are much more comprehensive than beforehand, in fact, it just wouldn’t be possible.

You need the right people for the job

Floristry is a broad term actually and doesn’t necessarily let you know what sets one company apart from the other, although it does present a perfect marketing opportunity for the florists to let you know precisely why you would want to use their catering services. 

Consider that, floristry could mean that the company has their own farms where they grow and nurture their own crops, or they could sell them on to ‘retailers’, who then go on to sell the flowers in their shop, or on their website., 

A good start would be to check out the company’s website or do a search if you don’t have one in mind already. What you will likely find are some stunning arrangements of the most beautiful flowers the planet has to offer. Some of the arrangements truly are arts of work, you could even go as far as to say that professional florists possess a gift that other people just don’t have. 

To really make an impact, the florist either needs tons of natural talent, or they will need years of experience and understanding of how the vast array of flowers can complement each other to bring a mixture of colours together, creating a work of art that can help to tell a story.

Maximum respect 

Most people seldom take the time to consider how hard florists work, and how much creativity it takes to design, create, and present a wide variety of floral arrangements that will be used for some highly personal, life changing occasions, they may even have to import the flowers into the country. 

The awesome thing about flowers, is that they can be used for anything, they can be offered as a sign of respect for things like cultural beliefs, and traditions, all the way through to weddings, funerals, and of course, they can be used as a get out the doghouse for free.


Not a word often used these days, most people have a motive, somewhere, even if it’s not obvious. The great thing about flowers is, that you don’t need a reason to buy them for, either yourself, or for somebody else, as a gift. You could very well be looking at one of the most beautiful presents a person could purchase for somebody, without any need to do so! Awesome.

Speak to several providers

As with most things, you’ll want to have a look around, and to speak with a few firms. Some might offer a better-quality product than the other, for a lower price. The last thing you want, is to overpay for a mediocre quality, if you don’t need to!

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