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What are the Best Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids?

by blindertech

Some health conditions can cause severe discomfort and hemorrhoids are one of them. It is also known as piles which occur when the veins in your anus and rectum are swollen. A piles doctor in Karachi shares that people experience itching, rectal bleeding, and also pain when they develop hemorrhoids. This condition can be internal or external. People who experience internal hemorrhoids may not see it but it can be felt. But external hemorrhoids occur on the outer side of the anus.

Well, the pile is a common condition but you can manage it at home with some effective tips. All you need is to know how to reduce the symptoms.

Let’s explore how to manage the symptoms of piles.

Tops Tips to Manage Hemorrhoids

There are some of the best ways that can help manage the symptoms of piles. Yes, it can be painful and may affect your eating habits. If you experience any severe symptoms, make sure that you consult a health expert to get medical help. Because untreated conditions may lead to worse conditions. But if the condition is mild, you can try the following home remedies.

Cold Compress

Yes, it can be painful when you have piles as its different symptoms can cause severe discomfort. Some people even find it difficult to sit. You can try an ice pack or cold compress on the anus as it helps relieve swelling. But you should avoid applying these ice packs directly. Make sure that you cover it in a towel or any cloth when you want to apply it to the affected area. It’s been used for years and is considered a traditional home remedy.

Aloe Vera

When it comes to nature, we cannot deny how much natural herbs are for their beneficial effects. You can try aloe vera as it contains anti-inflammatory properties that can bring positive results. People who experience severe irritation due to piles can use its gel. Yes, using its gel can help to overcome the symptoms of piles. 

To reduce the irritation, you can try its gel. When you buy any skincare products, you can see the ingredients, including aloe vera gel. But aloe vera gel is not for everyone. Some people have an allergy to its gel. You should apply some of the gel on the arm and see if you have an allergy to the gel or not.

Loose Cotton Clothing

It is crucial to keep the anal dry and clean. People who wear other fabrics and tight clothing are at risk of worsening piles symptoms. You should wear loose cotton clothing that is a breathable fabric and helps in reducing the risk of severe symptoms or any infection. When you wash your clothes, avoid using perfumed detergents that can irritate the anal or even cause more severe symptoms.

Coconut Oil

When it comes to dealing with inflammation, you should try coconut oil as it contains many beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory. People with hemorrhoids should apply coconut oil to relieve the discomfort or irritation caused by piles. This oil also helps relieve constipation and also prevents it in the future. You can consume it or even apply it directly on the external side of the skin. People can also add it while taking a bath. You can also change the cooking oil with coconut oil to add it to your diet plan.

Tea Tree Oil

Are you looking for a natural antiseptic? Well, Tea tree oil is here for you. You can use it to relieve pain, discomfort, and itching. It is beneficial as it fights off bacteria and also prevents the risk of infections that can damage the irritated skin around the anus. There is no such medical evidence that supports the effects of tea tree oil on hemorrhoids, but you can get help using it. You should use a dilute form of tea tree oil like with aloe vera. Applying it directly on the affected area can cause more irritation or even itching.

Soothing Wipes

Sometimes, using tissue paper can worsen the irritation. You can use its alternative which will prevent excessive irritation, such as moistened wipes. Choose wipes that contain aloe vera or hazel that can help relieve the irritation.

Witch Hazel

External hemorrhoids cause itching and pain which can be reduced with witch hazel. Yes, it is effective when it comes to dealing with external symptoms. It is available in liquid or you can buy its wipes.

The Bottom Line!

You should keep OTC ointments and stool softeners that can relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Your doctor may also suggest some medical treatments if the condition is severe. Sometimes, mild symptoms may go away on their own but if the symptoms get severe over time, get medical help.

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