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Whoops! There is Network Error to access the Asus Wireless Router

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Asus Wireless Router

The Asus Wireless router is the next-generation WiFi router. It enables high-speed performance and provides better efficiency of internet connection. In addition, it provides a speed of up to 750 Mbps. At 2.4 GHz it provides speed up to 300 Mbps and at 5 GHz, it provides 400 Mbps of speed. The Asus wireless router enables a smart control function with the ASUSWRT dashboard which helps to monitor and control network connection all in one instinctive area. Also, it is powered by the fifth-generation WiFi technology which is faster than the N technology.

With the help of bandwidth technology, you can increase the speed of the WiFi router and enjoy the fastest speed. You can stream videos, online games and listen to your favorite music. But in some cases, users have faced some issues like the Asus router no internet connection. Although, having positive sides it also has negative aspects. In this article, We’ll fix the problem preventing you from accessing the router.

Fix The problems that Occurs While Accessing the Asus wireless router

In this article, we will troubleshoot your Asus router problems. You just need to read all the information from here. So that you can access it anytime, anywhere in your home, or enjoy HD videos hassle-free.

Asus router has no internet access

If you are one of them who faced this issue related to their router that they don’t have efficient or no internet access while accessing their router. It may happen because you have a misconfigured setting. Wireless adapters, faulty drivers, or errors with your IP address. If the problem is with your adapters then fix them correctly. Also, check the power cable that connects to your internet. Verify that you are getting the proper WiFi. Please check your Drive connected wire, if the drive is wirelessly connected then also you can’t get internet access. Read the manual for detailed help.

Asus router is not Working 

If your Asus router is not working properly. So first of all, unplug all the cables from your router and wait for 15 seconds, and then re-plug it. After waiting for some time, restart your modem and the device which connects to your Asus router. Set up a reliable and stable internet connection and check that it’s working or not. If it’s still not working yet, then take help from the manual guide.

Fix the red light issue on the WAN port

If your router’s WAN port keeps flashing the red light. It indicates that your connected device has no IP address and is not physically connected with your wireless router. So to fix this issue, ensure that your router has efficiency and stable internet access, and to fix the Ip address problem check the configuration of the router and set it up again if it doesn’t configure properly.

Asus Router has no WiFi Lights

There are some simple ways to settle this problem. If your router has no lights then you can get details from here.

  • First, one is to examine the WiFi connection and the LED button on the backside of the router. Sometimes users have forgotten to turn on the router. 
  • Check the radio function key of the router. If the radio button is off then the LED button of the router will not blink. 
  • Another reason is the outdated firmware version of the router. So always keep updated on the program of your router from the Asus router app. So you always have the latest features and good internet connectivity. Try to reset the router to factory default settings. 
  • For that, hold the power button for 15-20 seconds until the LED starts to flash. After a few seconds, release the reset button and you’re done.

Router motherboard has no display

To resolve this problem, make sure that the cable that well connects to your system and another end of the cable to your device. Ensure that all the plugs are not twisted. Also, press or enter the power key to wake the device if it goes into sleep mode. Now your motherboard starts working like before. If It not working then you need to restart again.

Review of the Asus Wireless router

It is the best WiFi router. Asus Wireless router works as a smart dual-band and connects with the 5 cables throughout the house. It provides a good enough range. Also, it gives the alert notification when there is any firmware update available for your router update. The Lan and the WiFi speed are strong. The speed of the router is better than any other router.

The configuration is easy and manageable and the steps of troubleshooting fix the error related to my router. Get more details from https://www.blindertech.com/. If you face any kind of critical problem then we are always with you. You can easily resolve the issue by connecting with us.

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