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5 Latest Rumors on the New PS5 Pro

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There are many rumors about the release date of the new ps5 pro. One rumor is that it will be released on December the fourth. Another rumor is that it will be released in Japan in the first week of January. Both rumors have some basis because Sony has not yet confirmed anything on the said dates. So let us discuss this issue and look what are the possibilities of the rumors.

In December the fourth might be a good guess. Why? Well, Sony has not yet presented any new console to gaming enthusiasts. If they are going to launch the new PlayStation 5 then they would want everybody to have the opportunity of playing. The console before Christmas. In this case, the release date is very much plausible.

New Version of PS5 pro

Another possibility of the new ps5 who might be the existence of a new version of PS5. Which will have the features of the old model. According to a rumor, the company might introduce a new model of the popular console in the winter of 2021. The reason behind this rumor could be the presence of some patent leaks from the Patent Office. This patent leak could mean that Sony will introduce a digital edition of the console, instead of the traditional one.

On the other hand, another rumor is that the ps5 who might be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2021. If this is the case, it will be another surprise for most gaming enthusiasts. Who are waiting for the official reveal of the next generation of consoles. Most of the rumors about the new consoles are coming true. The first official image of the new console was released during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

Xbox series of box

At that time, it was clear that the Xbox series of box was superior to the PS5 pro in terms of graphics and game features. However, Microsoft managed to corner a huge market with the launch of its x console. And it appears that it has no plans to let the competition win. Now, you can hardly find a store selling the PS5 anywhere near you.

In the event that the next-generation console will feature the same basic structure as the ps4 so, there will be a few changes. One of them will be the presence of the USB port. As many gamers will be using external devices to connect their gaming notebooks with, it will become necessary for the next-gen consoles to have this port. Other rumors suggest that the next-generation consoles will have similar specifications as the existing series x, but the introduction of a new patent-pending device could make the differences between the two very clear.

Rumour Suggests

Another rumor suggests that the next-generation gaming consoles will sport the design and look of the current-gen X-boxes. In this regard, you can only imagine the kind of crazy designs that you can expect to see in the future. The incorporation of a video gaming card into the PlayStation 5 Pro might be a very interesting development. But one thing is for sure, we can expect something pretty spectacular. When it comes to the design and looks of the next-gen consoles.

Finally, the last rumor claims that the next-gen consoles won’t be adopting the form factor of the original PS4. This is already confirmed by Sony, and the wistful look of the Xbox Scorpio at present is enough. To tell us that the console will adopt a different form factor. Stay tuned to PC Gaming Hub for all the latest updates on the new ps5 pro. We’ll also keep you updated on the fortunes of the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Scorpio.

Xbox 5: What Is It?

Microsoft is once again bringing out its new generation of gaming consoles the Xbox series. This time with its new console The Xbox 5. It is a game console that offers you the most out of your entertainment dollar, it gives you hundreds of games to play, movies to watch, and so much more than that. With the new games being featured on the game’s console comes some of the best technology that has been made for this generation, the Xbox series x.

The new Reddit Ps5 pro offers many features, the first of which is the revolutionary hard drive that allows users to download and save games. Media, and other programs right onto the hard drive, rather than onto the game or DVD disc. This means that users do not have to worry about an empty disk when they are done playing, no worries about running out of space and no worries about finding an empty DVD disc or making a mistake while inserting the media.


Another great feature on this system is the 7nm processor that allows for many processing options. When playing games and video. It also has the ability to run the latest version of the operating system, allowing the user to have the ultimate performance and quality when playing their games. Even with all the amazing features of the new ps5, there are a few things that may not be as excited about this console.

One of these is the fact that it does not have any built-in media player like the previous versions of the Xbox consoles did. While it does have the ability to play DVDs, it cannot store the media itself, and instead has to be connected via a USB cable from the computer to your television. Which can be inconvenient depending on where you live. However, this small drawback is overshadowed by all the features and benefits. That make the ps5 pro the ultimate home gaming console.

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