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The Hot Spot for Offshore Custom Software Development

by blindertech

India’s pool of highly skill tech talent is unmatchable by any other country. And its custom software development services are fairly cost-effective.

Apart from that, tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and IBM have their research and development facilities in the country.

This is the main reason why an increasing number of global businesses around the world hire software developers from India for their IT projects.

The offshore software development industry in India has been booming exponentially at a stable rate since the early decade.

According to a recent study by Statista, India’s IT offshoring industry is expect to reach $50 billion by the end of 2020. And hence, it’ll become the first most favorable area for the country’s economy.

The total number of IT exports in India, is nearing 10  billion dollars. And is expect to grow by a whopping 80% in the coming years.

Why do global business giants prefer Indian offshore software development companies for their development needs?

1. India has more universities and educational institutions that foster tech education

Since India has more universities and educational institutions than any other country. Its universities have made remarkable progress in improving their tech education.

Moreover, India’s tech programs are comparable to the programs that are offer by leading universities in America and most European countries.

Many Indian universities, especially those specializing in Information technology. They frequently launch conferences and academic programs with big universities across the globe. To prepare their students for jobs that need high skills in programming.

Though India offers high-quality tech education, the cost involve in enrolling in various programs is way less when compared with the universities in America and Europe. 

2. Unmatched data security and transparency

Most of the software development companies in India are highly transparent in their operations. They always maintain unmatche data security while handling software development projects.

Vendors in India are always aware of the security vulnerabilities such as virus threats. That can possibly tamper with their client’s network and data.

In order to prevent these, they conduct security audits, security updates, and other security procedures on a regular basis.

This will help them to safeguard their client’s information such as trade secrets, intellectual property, financial data, and other sensitive data.

3. Solid project management and rapid project delivery 

Although software development companies in other countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, and Singapore largely export software products and services to American and European countries.

Their cultural difference and poor command of the English language complicate things and could take a toll on their project management. 

The major challenges that clients face while outsourcing their projects to these countries include lack of innovation and delays in project delivery.

On the flip side, developers in India have excellent communication skills in English. And are pretty much aligned with the culture of western countries.

Indian software development companies are well known for their strong track record of successfully delivering many innovative projects.

Even though they are separated by geographical boundaries. Their expertise in handling complex projects enables them to successfully deliver workloads in a rapid manner.

Being able to clearly communicate with the client enables the offshore development team to accelerate their project management process which will, in turn, ensure faster project completion.

4. New models for hiring

Apart from all these advantages. Indian custom software development companies also offer multiple hiring models. That will allow businesses to manage their urgent resource requirements. These models can be extremely beneficial for businesses. They are planning to scale up their in-house teams.

5. Cost benefits

Businesses that are based in the US and most of the European countries can get significant cost benefits by outsourcing their development project to software development companies in India.

Rather than hiring in-house programmers, businesses can cut forty to fifty percent of their total development cost just by outsourcing their workloads to an offshore development center.

They can invest this money in other core functions.  Businesses that need to quickly release their software product to the market can work with the vendor to work round the clock.

This will ensure 24X7 production thereby resulting in faster delivery. Apart from that, round-the-clock delivery allows businesses to focus on their core business.

At the end of the day, India is a great location to develop your custom software solutions. The Indian IT industry has leveraged its top-notch tech education system to meet the needs of this growing market.

If best pricing, unmatched quality, and great project management are criteria for your next project. Perhaps you should give Indian offshore development companies a serious try.

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