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5 Most Used Types of Avaya Headsets

by blindertech
Avaya Headsets

There are different headset manufacturing companies. They have prepared variable models for different people and users. Different users need different headsets. Also Avaya Headsets are specifically designed for Avaya phones. They come with the latest and modern technology to eliminate the background noise and help you listen to the caller clearly. Its adjustable mic allows you to sound vibrant and full-bodied.

This technology can help you concentrate on your tasks and prevent you from distracting. Its mic can adjust or amplify the volume from your side. It will boost your voice and won’t affect the quality of sound. They are highly compatible with Avaya headsets AT & T Lucent. They come with multiple benefits, such as users can answer a call, adjust the volume, reject a call, and many others. Its outcomes for the business are positive, and they help the employees to enhance the productivity of the business. Its latest technology helps to achieve the best customer interaction.

We know that headsets find applications in contact centers and offices. Different offices and users may have different preferences. For different people, different headsets may be the best. Avaya Headsets are one of the popular and renowned headsets. Their numerous models are available in the market. Following are the 5 most used types of these headsets. 


Avaya Headset L119

This is an entry-level headset that comes with a monaural feature. It is the most suitable device for call centers, UC, and other workers. It comes with a bendable boom mic and adjustable headband. These features make it easy to use and customize according to your ease. It comes with easy firmware update through its web management platform. This particular model helps you stay more productive and safe through AcousticEdge technology. This technology delivers a crystal clear sound and helps to protect the hearing of the user.

It can limit or reduce the effect of long-term acoustic exposure. You may update your firmware anytime. It helps you keep your firmware updated. This headset also comes with noise-cancellation features. It can help the user to hear the clear voice of the caller without any interruption. They are safe and harmless. They also come with a quick magnetic connect feature to allow the supervisor to join a call. 

Avaya Headset L129

These headsets also come with an adjustable headband and bendable boom microphone. This allows the user to set it according to his ease. It comes with high-quality noise-canceling features. It allows the user to focus on the calls of clients with uninterrupted audio. It effectively eliminates the background noise. It also possesses AcousticEdge technology to offer clear harmless audio. It never leads to distortion or damage to hearing. It helps to protect the hearing of users by reducing the impact of long-term exposure to sound waves.

It possesses a feature to easily update the firmware through a web management platform. It also possesses a magnetic quick-to-connect feature that allows the users to move around from desk phone to laptop or laptop to desk phone while taking calls. It helps you hear the clear and vibrant sound of the caller by reducing the background and unnecessary sound. It also comes with LED indicators to let your colleagues know that you are on call with clients.

Avaya Headset L139

This is a unique headset that comes with a head-turning brushed headband. This headband is coated with aluminum. It also comes with a 360-degree boom microphone. This feature gives an enhanced sound so that you can sound clear and dynamic. It is a quick disconnect monaural headset. It is a mid-range, reliable, and comfortable leather headset which comes with special features to be used with multimedia.

It enhances productivity by boosting audio clarity. It helps you receive all the important messages and instructions without any interruption. This is perfect equipment for contact center employees. It possesses AcousticEdge technology for the protection of hearing of the user. It can eliminate the background noise and help the user hear a clear and dynamic voice. It possesses Bluetooth connectivity and an Avaya L100 touch controller. You can update its firmware through the web management platform. It also possesses LED indicators for letting your colleagues know when you are on call with the employees.

Avaya Headset L149

This is another kind of unique headset from Avaya. It comes with an adjustable headband and boom mic. It possesses all the features to reduce background noise. It may help to enhance productivity by letting you hear your clients clearly. It possesses AcousticEdge technology. This technology helps a user to stay safe after long-term acoustic exposure. Also prevents the hearing from damages due to sound waves. It is a mid-range binaural headset. It also possesses a smooth, aluminum-coated, ad comfortable headband. It comes with a 360-degree boom microphone for convenience. Its noise-canceling features can help to hear the clients vibrantly. It is safe and harmless for call center employees. It comes with LED indicators. They help your colleagues to predict whether you are on call or not. These features have made this model unique and attractive for contact center employees.

Avaya Headset L159

This is a USB Stereo Leather Headset. It helps the users to be more productive and efficient. It helps them hear a clear voice without missing anything. They are equipped with Avaya-patented AcousticEdge technology. They are safe for hearing and create no harm for the ears. They can reduce the impacts of long-term acoustic exposure. They contain noise-blocking features to reduce or block the background noise. Their boom microphone helps you sound vibrant and dynamic. It also comes with an innovative and robust magnetic quick connect to allow you to join calls. It is a binaural headset that helps a user to enjoy a luxury experience. It comes with two types of indicators. One indicator is at the ear-cup, which lights up to show that you are busy on a call. Another indicator is on its microphone, which lights up when the user’s audio is muted. 

We have described various features of headsets. They come in different designs and shapes. They may have various features. They have noise-canceling, AcousticEdge, and other user-friendly features. Different users may pick the best model according to their requirements. These models are the most used ones, and they are top-rated.

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