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8 Local SEO Mistakes That Will Actually Destroy Any Business in 2021

by Jhon Doe

SEO is a tool that is used for improving websites. When a business website got improved then the business automatically improved. In other words, SEO is used for increasing the number of more potential customers. However, local SEO service is more sensitive than traditional SEO. If it is applied incorrectly, then it can disrupt your business rather than improve it. Let’s talk about some mistakes in local SEO which are common in 2021.

1. Different NAP On The Web

NAP stands for the business name, physical address, and contact phone number of the business. Putting the correct information on the website is not enough. It is also very important to keep the correct and updated basic information on GMB (Google My Business) page and other website platforms. In other words, if you update your NAP, be sure to update it on all online platforms you use. Google will use all local directories to check your NAP.

For example, suppose you have a beauty parlor and someone searches for the ‘best parlor near me’. If Google is confused about your location on then you won’t show up in the suggested area. So be careful about the citation of the local business NAP. Because 86% of people are believed to search for a business location on Google.

2. Reviews Are Important

Make ensure that customers are spreading good words about the business. The amount, items, and types of feedback you receive will affect your trustworthiness. This is a major factor of local SEO. So every SEO expert must be looked after every review and make sure they have spread a positive vibe.

Some companies offer incentives for providing reviews. Don’t be greedy for them. Google is clever enough in 2021 to filter false reviews.

3. Misconnect With The General SEO

Because local SEO is somewhere different from general SEO, people often mistakenly believe that they are completely different. So they avoid the general SEO tactics for the local SEO campaigns. But in reality, many factors affect both SEOs in the same way.


  • Some people think a website is not important for local SEO. But this is wrong thinking. An optimized website for a business can improve its ranking and visibility on the search result page.
  • Inbound links are also important for a local SEO website. If you don’t have an inbound linking plan then you might be missing some potential influences.
  • Link building is not everything in local SEO. As with traditional SEO on-page and off-page are both important for rank higher in the SERP (search engine result pages).

4. Careless About The Minor Errors

Common errors can seriously endanger for local SEO ranking of the business profiles. One of the most common mistakes for local SEO is choosing the wrong category on directory submission. Many times, people will put their business in the category that appears first, rather than looking for a category that fits their business perfectly. This makes Google confused about the niche of the business. Today or tomorrow this will harm your SEO ranking. Another big mistake is the use of false and incomplete information about the business. Using incorrect information may lead to negative reviews from the customers, which can affect your SEO ranking.

5. Ignoring Social Presence

Social media platforms are not different from the web in 2021. They are a major part of our life now. Naturally, people post life events on their social profiles. So, why do business profiles will not share their events on social platforms. When Google does not get the presence of social media then it is assumed that the website may be spammy. So Google spam filter algorithm naturally hesitate to give rank in the result pages.

6. No Mobile-Friendly Website

Local SEO and mobile devices go hand in hand because more and more people use mobile devices to search for local businesses anytime, anywhere.

I do this all the time… Even if I am at home, I use my mobile device instead of turning on my laptop and waiting for it to charge.

As more and more potential customers switch to mobile searches, Google wants to see websites are properly optimized for mobile devices.

Google has begun to try to use tags in its search results to tell users which results have mobile-friendly pages.

In April 2015 Google updated its algorithm to include mobile-friendly signals in its ranking algorithm. In 2018 Google switched to mobile indexing first. This means that your mobile website will become the top website that Google analyzes for ranking purposes. In 2021 there is no option to rank without a mobile-friendly website.

So if you haven’t already, you should build a mobile-friendly website to compete in local search results for months and years to come.

7. Choosing The Wrong Keywords

Keywords are the bridge words that connect potential customers to your business. You cannot manipulate them, you should only use the correct ones. This is because keywords are words or phrases that people type in your search bar, so you can’t decide on them.

In this case, a common mistake is to use keywords that are wrong or incorrectly assumed. However, this will not allow your business to grow anywhere, because if you do not target the keywords used by potential customers, you will not be able to appear in the search source of your target audience.

8. Neglect Local Keywords

Another common business-related mistake is not using local keywords. Although you may be using the right keywords and attracting a large audience, keep in mind that without local keywords, you won’t be able to attract a “target” audience.

Based on the example given in the opening remarks, if your ice cream shop is located in Dallas, Texas, you don’t want to appeal to ice cream lovers from Paris or other parts of the world. Therefore, you must be specific when choosing your keywords.


In short, local search engine optimization is a magical measure that can attract a target audience for your business and increase your sales. However, it must be executed correctly to gain credibility in the eyes of search engine giants and recognition among potential customers. Write for us

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