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Top Indian E-Sports Player

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This article is all about the famous e-sports players who have established their respective places in the world of Gaming. Here you will find assistance to have the Best graphics settings for CS:GO and How to fix lag in CS:GO our team can help no matter what you gaming need is. We can also assist you with the best settings for CS: GO. So let go through some of the Top Indian E-Sports Player.

Ankit Panth:

He is one of India’s most popular counter-strike professional players. He is specially known as ‘V3nom. He fulfilled his dreams of becoming an esports player with full dedication by becoming a figure of inspiration for the gaming community. He did not have anyone in starting of his career for help. But then not only did he dedicate his time to the gaming but also, he made a name for himself DJing and in the industry of fitness. Once he said that there was a time where people used to see him as a bad influence because he played computer games and they thought that he was just wasting his life and would never earn from that.

After playing counterstrike 1.6, he realized that he could earn a living from gaming too. He founded several gaming teams before starting the team brutality. He soon won his very first tournament. In India, his journey has been an inspiration to many young people as he is one of the few e-sports players from India who have turned their passion into a profession like gaming. In one of his interviews, he stated that he is happy by proving them wrong.

Saransh Jain:

He has been a professional e-sports player for a short amount of time, but he is one of the most successful gamers. He is resident of Pune who first got into e-Sports and when he entered a local tournament, he ended up by winning it. He explained that his tournament wins have led to many new opportunities. For example, he won a trip to Germany once. On FIFA 20, he said that he personally feel the game is a little slow compared to the earlier versions and that reduces the skill gap, the game play and movement of the players is slow, if the game is faster. In terms of learning skill set, it is always better. Another achievement was the tournament that was held in the Maldives. He called it an important milestone because not all the Indians win eSport tournaments.

Krish Gupta:

He has nicknamed ‘Moon’. He is considered as one of the youngest Indian eSports players at the age of 17 only. His go to game is the strategy series Dota, which he started playing from a young age. His interest soon became noticed, and he was advised to play the games professionally.

Then, he turned out into professional player in March 2018 and is now completely immersed. Now, he is the youngest professional Dota 2 player in India and it is being revealed that his family totally supports his decision. He said that his family is completely supportive of his professional gaming, and they have said that they are fine with it if he pursues my studies side by side. He also stated that although the other countries are much ahead from us, but we are on the right track. Also, he wants to represent his country in the Olympics if this gets recognized at a global stage. 

Amit Malwal:

He is better known as ‘Zapheto’, who is another Indian e-Sports player who plays Dota 2 competitively. He first developed an interest in the video games. When he was introduced to Tomb Raider, he was just five years old. He soon developed a passion for gaming and began playing Dota 2. He decided to take up gaming professionally and to sacrifice the things along his journey. He said that there have been many events in his life that made him to question his choice of career. He currently represents entity gaming where he acts as a support player. In the summer season in 2019, he and his team won the ESL India Premiership by defeating the other strong competitors.

Naman Mathur:

He is popular as Mortal. He is a successful e-Sports player as well as a YouTuber. He started his journey as a professional PUBG player and represented India in PUBG competitions as part of Team Soul. He ended up by making the transition to YouTube which was successful. He showcased his superior gaming talent against the other players. He usually live-streams PUBG Mobile and, he uploads Call of Duty gameplay to appeal the viewers. While he mainly uploads the gaming videos on his YouTube channel, he also does collaboration videos with the other YouTubers and with the Celebrities. His recent YouTube video is with Bollywood Actor Tiger Shroff which has around 1.5 million views and it is continuing to grow.

Simar Sethi:

He is one of the most prominent e-Sports players in India at the age of 21. He firstly started his professional career with the team brutality in 2015 and dominated the gaming circuit. Then he moved to the invisible wings and continued winning. His professional career gets triggered when he was diagnosed with the repetitive strain injury which meant he could not qualify for the international tournaments.  In the year 2019, he represented India at the ZOWIE tournament in China.

He stated in an Interview that there was a lot of pressure when someone plays for an organization, because they are taking care of him and giving him the salaries and taking him to the boot camps. He believes that India has a lot of potential when it comes to an e-Sports. It is optimistic about the future. While these e-Sports players focus their efforts on different games, their ventures into professional gaming were similar.

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