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Here are 10 self-defense tips you can use to save your life

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Suddenly, you hear movement behind you as you walk down a dark street on your way home. Suddenly, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your heart starts beating faster. You start sweating Defence tips you can use to save your life.

As you hear a branch snap, you spin around in preparation for an attack…

There are usually stray cats or possums, but if you were faced with someone, would you know how to defend yourself?

1. Develop a better body language

Stand tall, chin up, shoulders back, and walk with confidence. By walking with your shoulders back, you’ll get more oxygen to your lungs and can see more clearly.

2. Look each other in the eye

Making eye contact with someone lets them know that you’re aware they’re there, and making eye contact is a powerful tactic. Eye contact can indicate intimidation, making you an easier target for attackers.

3. Follow your instincts

Be aware of how you react in different situations and learn to interpret your body’s signals – these signals make up what we call our gut instincts, and they’re often right. Trust your instincts if you have to defend yourself.

4. Pay attention to your surroundings

In order to be aware of what is going on around you, it is important to stand up straight, shoulders back, and head up. Identifying potential dangers can help you avoid them or prepare yourself to deal with them. Keep an eye on the light, don’t get distracted by Instagram, and look for exits or alternate paths.

5. Work out a solution to a problem

Make sure you practice what you would say if you had to talk your way out of a potential bind. It is possible to deter a potential assailant by mentioning that you have friends and family nearby, or calling someone and letting them know exactly where you are.

6. Establish healthy boundaries

Don’t hesitate to take action if an attacker enters your space. When someone makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, it is important to have safe boundaries.

7. Let your voice be heard

Your voice is one of the most valuable assets you have when it comes to self-defense. Breath deeply and shout ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’ as loudly as you can. In addition to drawing attention to your situation and possibly getting you help, you can also startle the offender. In addition to improving your breathing pattern, focus, and strength, using your voice can help you escape.

8. Make it hard for them

Try to stay as active as possible – don’t be like a deer caught in the headlights. Choose one of the attackers to focus on and move around using them as a shield between you and the other attacker. Use your body as a dead weight if you’re on the floor – this makes it much more difficult to move you.

9. Identify key targets

Knowing where to target on the offender’s body is crucial. (With a punch, kick, or scratch) sensitive areas to target include eyes, ears, temples, noses, throats, groins, and knees.

10. Become familiar with self-defence

It is best to take a self-defence class if you want to learn how to physically defend yourself. In addition to meeting new people, getting fit, and having fun, you’ll learn practical tips and tricks that will leave you feeling more confident if and when you feel threatened.

A person’s size is not always relevant when it comes to taking care of themselves. Use what you DO have to your advantage if your attacker is stronger and larger than you. Stay calm and confident no matter what you do, whether it’s your voice, your agility or your wit.

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