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Traditional wedding transport is the responsibility of the groom, and while we’re all in favor of letting grooms have their way, brides should be aware of a few things about their transport. It is not necessary to worry about what’s under the hood!

It is possible that your husband is unaware of all the reasons why you should hire a reputable car hire company for your wedding. The wedding transportation experts at HF Wedding cars which has been in business for more than 43 years, share their ‘must-knows’.

Quality Control

On your wedding day, your wedding cars will be professionally maintained so they will operate without issue; after all, you don’t want a breakdown! A fantastic thing about wedding car companies is that they not only take good care of the engine and exterior of the car, but also ensure that the interior of the vehicle is impeccable as well. Clean seats are less likely to transfer stains to your dress. Keeping your wedding dress clean is especially important!

Become an expert driver

There may be a picture perfect car out there, but you have to also think about the person who is going to drive it. You will not have to worry about traffic because the car hire companies have a chauffeur who knows how to manage it. Additionally, you should always inquire about how your driver will be dressed since you will likely see them in some of your wedding photographs.

Do you have a chance of fitting in?

If your dream dress is a princess gown or has an extravagant train, think about how comfortably you will fit in it with your groom or bridal party. It should not be scrunched or folded in a way that leaves it creased. A professional wedding car company can answer any questions you have regarding the car’s fit for wedding dresses, and they have a wealth of experience fitting wedding dresses in these cars.

Providing the highest level of service

Good photographers will usually provide champagne and finger food for you and your bridal party during the photo shoot. You will have the opportunity to spend some quiet time with your bridesmaids and groom while you travel, and your driver will give you privacy so you can unwind and relax.

Luxurious living at its finest

You should not forget about your wedding ride regardless of how much work you put into making your wedding day perfect! Wedding cars from HF Wedding Cars, for example, are available in different sizes and styles to accommodate all types of wedding parties. The extravagance of a luxury car will be yours and your groom’s on this special day.

The most popular car decorations are old shoes tied to the back. Their origin has been disputed by different schools of thought.  A pair of old leather shoes was believed to keep ill spirits away by frightening them.  When brides were given shoes by their fathers, they came under the groom’s authority in ancient Rome.

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