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Providing fencing services in Perth

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Those seeking higher levels of security in Perth can find Guardian security fencing exclusively through Fencemakers. This heavy-duty standard is ideal for areas that demand a Fencing services in Perth than a lighter domestic fence. Due to their arrowhead shapes, the square pickets are strong enough to resist attempts to penetrate through the bottom. This prevents the tops of the pickets from being accessed.

The following features are included in our security fencing

  • For commercial and industrial customers who require a strong and durable barrier for their premises, Guardian security fences are the perfect choice.
  • The durable steel or aluminum pickets combined with the arrowhead caps provide a sense of security for individuals, families, and businesses living in remote areas.
  • Our Security Gates can be integrated with Guardian fencing to provide complete perimeter protection.

What are the benefits of a security fence?

You can benefit from Guardian’s security fences for your home or business, regardless of whether appearance, safety, or convenience are important to you.

  • Installing security fencing around your home or business will increase its resale value.
  • Adding a first line of defence for your premises. With security fencing Perth adds an extra layer of protection to your premises.

Would you like to learn more? Take these steps to get started!

Is receiving a quote something you’re interested in? Is there anything specific you are looking for, or are you having trouble finding it? We have a variety of brochures available on our website, or you can contact our sales team for more information? The following options are available to you:

The Best Perth Fencing Contractors

We have two bases in Perth and its surroundings, and our Brunswick location serves Perth and the South West.

Throughout the years, we have completed many private and government projects throughout WA, such as the NBN project, the Christmas Island detention center, and many others. Our professionals provide only top-quality service.

Commercial Fencing

There are a variety of commercial fencing options available to you. Among Croc Top’s security gates and fencing options are corromesh and palisade.

We have options for you that will fit in with your aesthetic so your high level of security does not have to be unattractive.

We can monitor and install any type of fence, whether commercial or industrial. In addition to repairing commercial security fences, we also install and maintain them.

Industrial Fencing

Industrial fences and gates are a necessity for many industrial businesses and work sites. Perimeter fencing protects you from unwanted vehicle traffic, theft, and vandalism. You can monitor or unmonitor it.

Rural Fencing

Our company offers installation and repair services as well as shipping your fencing products.

Fencing for farmland, mines, and rural development sites are all types of fencing. Unwanted animals such as wild dogs and kangaroos can be effectively protected with anti-climb fences and electric fencing. Additionally, rural security fences help prevent theft, vandalism, and traffic congestion. U R Safe installed chain wire electric fencing around the NBN satellite dishes and substations throughout regional Western Australia.

Fencing Perth & Western Australia

U R Safe offers security fencing supplies for sale online with free shipping.

We typically offer chain wire and balustrade solutions in the industrial and rural sectors.  Spike fences and razor wire fences, also known as anti-climb fencing, are available from us and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Croc Top fencing is only available from us in Western Australia.

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