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Things You Need to Know to Create Effective Custom Logo Design in 2021

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Custom logo design

Logo is said to be the visual face of any company. To make a suitable logo, you need to think and analyze what your company or business works for or what it needs, and it obviously takes a lot of time to design a favorable logo.

Most importantly, you need to keep in mind that people remember mostly what they see as compared to what is written. So, try to make your logo a little bit colorful and visually representable like adding a picture to it. Your company stands out more if your logo is expressible of what your work is.

As you know that custom logo design is an important part for any company, many people recall their experiences just by looking at the company`s logo and visualize or built an idea about their services. It can actually influence people judgement that if they want anything from your company. A representable logo can grow their expectations higher.

Purpose of Logo Design

The purpose of custom logo design is to attract people and stand out separately from other challengers. To get attention from people logo designs need to be unforgettable, understandable, and easy to memorize. In this way, your customers can link to your brand easily.

A logo should be designed in a manner that can promote your business and should be visually attractive like adding a picture or shape to your logo can enhance visibility because people remember what they see more rapidly.

Just like that, everybody wants to grow their business and it is only possible if you attract potential customers. For instance, if you are working for a makeup brand but your logo is representing more of a clothing brand, it would be a bad influence for the company. It should be precise of what your company is representing.

Pros and Cons of Custom Logo Design


If your company does not have a logo, you need to build a strong logo first. Here are some of the advantages of custom logo design.

  • You need a strong logo as it’s an effective brand`s recognition tool. If you want to stand out separately from your fellow competitors, you need to make a simple logo that people can memorize easily and can associate with it.
  • Your company`s personality can easily be shown by your logo and for that you should be more careful with colors, shape, and the text. Creative typography would be preferable for the logo to stand out.
  • Logos are the major part of any company for the marketing of their brand and the visibility of their product because when people see logos, they recall their past experiences associated with your company.
  • You could have heard from so many people that “first impression is the last impression” that’s why a company needs a good logo to lay a great impression on people.
  • Your logos can establish a social involvement through social media by displaying ads, showing logos, and engaging with the enormous amount of people.


I have already told you some advantages of logo, now here are some of the disadvantages of custom logo design.

  • As we know that company`s logos are being used on the business cards, packaging, etc. It should comprise of the optimal size. Otherwise, it would be lost somewhere.
  • Complicated logo designs are not good and does not look fine when you usually use them in smaller sizes because you can`t recognize them properly while they were being decreased to small size.
  • Other than that, custom logo designs are costly which means newly developed business owners can`t afford the high costs of logos on the beginners level.
  • Moreover, it is quite time consuming like it could take months to design a quality logo, but if you are just starting your business and waiting for the logo, it would not be the right choice.

Besides, there are companies which are providing high quality pre designed logos. So, you can pick one from them. You can also contact UI UX Design Agency

Components of logo design

Some of the components of custom logo design are listed below:

  • If it is important for any company to have a strong logo, it is also important to keep it simple. In this era, people tend to look at the logo for a short span. So, it should not be difficult to understand and memorize for anyone.
  • Most importantly, your logo should be suitable or on the point of what your company is offering. For instance, if your brand is for kids, you can use funky logo or a logo that has an animal or animated character.
  • One of the best logos is that the value of it remains the same over the decades, like the mermaid on the Starbucks.
  • Your logo should be scalable as it comes in many sizes.

Ideas to make your own logo designs

First, you have to get inspiration and for that you can look at some famous companies’ logos. Now is the time to put out some skills and make a great logo.

Now you have to determine that you want a logo design for business or any brand.

Then a brain storming technique would be good to bring some ideas of your own. You can as well mix other designs and then make your own but a different one.

You can always start with simple shapes and then turn them into more complicated ones. It is the simple technique that you have already used in schools. For instance, if you want to make a watermelon, you can find similar shapes for it and then can easily make a watermelon out of it.

After that you have to choose the colors carefully for your logo to stand out differently from others.

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