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Yandex SEO: Everything you need to know

by blindertech
Yandex SEO

Yandex is among the most used search engines in Russia and many other countries. Compared to Google, the working of this search engine is quite different and the SEO services are also a bit different from the standard practices. 

For businesses that are trying to make a global presence or want to focus on Russia as a targeted country, it’s important for them to focus on Yandex. For new business owners or existing ones who want to optimize their website for Yandex, we have got you covered. 

In this article, we will have a look at major Yandex aspects that you need to know for succeeding online to make your brand thrive on this search engine. If you wonder about stats, the usage percentage of this search engine is Russia (60%), Belarus (30%), Kazakhstan (20%), and Ukraine (10%). On this note, let’s sneak a peek into important aspects of Yandex that you need to know.

Content always matters 

When it comes to content, all search engines focus on delivering the best quality content to their viewers. Similar to Google and other search engines, Yandex also closely pays attention to the quality of content along with how well the content is solving users’ problems.

Yandex looks for two major things — content quality and how detailed the content is that can solve users’ queries. One thing you need to keep in mind while optimizing for Yandex is to always stay away from over-optimization. Keep the content organic, readers-oriented, and free from spammy content. For ranking higher on Yandex, ensure all the content is unique and well-written. Do check plagiarism of all the content to ensure every content is top-notch and original. 


All search engines offer a personalized experience when a user hits a search query. Search engines try to showcase more local and personalized search results for better understanding. Yandex takes the demographics search to a next level. Russia is a huge country and many other countries also use this search engine. And, because of this, Yandex focuses more on geo-dependent results. To get better results, you need to optimize your website for both location-dependent and independent results. 

Once you optimize your content in both these manners, you ensure that the site will appear for more search queries than before. When you specify your business locations, Yandex tries its best to drive more customers by showcasing your listing and it’s more efficient than other search engines. 

User engagement matters

Like any other search engine, Yandex also pays great attention to user engagement on websites. Backlinks are an essential part of ranking on page one of Google search results. However, they’re not as necessary for Yandex, which brings in a huge emphasis on examining user-engagement data to discover the relevance and quality of content.

On Yandex, the only effective way to ensure that more audience reads your content is to focus on quality and emphasize less on backlinks. In Yandex, backlinks will add value to users to have a better context about the topic, but it has little impact on the search engine results. Yandex wants website owners to create more engaging and information-driven content to engage its users. 

Domain age matters

The older the website, the higher the chances for better ranking. It’s not a very important aspect of Yandex but it adds an advantage to those who have older domains and websites. If you are just launched your website, then you have to be a little patient as compared to other search engines like Google. 

However, your website starts getting authority and attention as you start pushing quality content for your targeted audience. Unique, original, and plagiarism-free content is the fastest way to start ranking your website in a shorter turnaround time. If you have an older website, then it’s a brownie point for your business as you only need to focus on delivering a better user experience through content and your services. 

Meta tags matter

Like Google and other search engines, Yandex also pays great attention to meta tags and these search engines expect websites to have accurate and precise meta tags. The length of the title tag and meta description is a little longer in Yandex, but it’s recommended that you stick to the standard industry practices. 

While creating meta tags for your website, ensure that the content is precise, and deliver the purpose seamlessly. Yandex supports meta keyword tags so you can add a couple of keywords per page to get the additional benefits while the search engine crawls your website. 

Final thoughts

Yandex is a very powerful search engine and it can do wonders for your business and generate a lot of leads when you optimize your website well. Consider the above things while you optimize your website for the Yandex search engine. Once the website is fully optimized by SEO Company India, the changes in ranking on top positions become stronger. 

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