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Why My Speedefy Wireless Router is not Connected to The Computer?

by blindertech
Speedefy wireless router

The Speedefy wireless router is based on the latest technology. There are seven antennas of the router for the strong connection. The security protocol of the wireless router is WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. This is operated by the IOS and Android. The data transferring rate is 2100 megabits per second(1734Mbps/5GHz+300Mbps/2.4GHz) with the 4 ports. This device is also connected with wireless, wired, and Ethernet. The dual-band is the frequency band class of this router. The wifi security is based on the WPA/WPA2. This device is controlled by the remote or App. Parental control is possible with the help of app control. Parents set the daily data usage limit of their router. Up to 36 devices; like computers, smartphones, and more connected to the speedefy router with the four LAN ports, WAN ports, and USB ports.

 And it provides a stable connection to the internet range. We can also enjoy watching movies, gaming, studying, completing office work, and other purposes. And it provides a better and powerful signal of the internet range. Now, I will talk about the features of the wireless router.

Features of The Speedefy Wireless Router

There are multifarious features of the speedefy router. To begin with,

Safeguard the security of the internet

You can secure their internet with the help of creating a username and password. You can also create your username and password on the app and on the website of this device. Consumers put security on the interference of other connections.

Easy management and simple setup

The management and setup of this device are very easy because all information about management and setup is given on the configuration card and on the website of this device. If you follow these mentioned steps control and setup become reliable.

Strong and powerful signal

This speedefy router provides a strong signal. It also spread the internet signals into all the corners of the home with the 7 high-tech antennas. We connect approximately 36 devices to this router with a high-performance range. If the speedefy router light blinking that means the position is incorrect then you should verify the router.

Parental control for speedefy wireless router

The user of those devices set a limit on the internet access of their child with help of the mobile app of this router. Parents control their router from far away from their device and save their device from the interference of the quest networks.

Quality of service

The consumer of this device controls the connection of the traffic. If your device is not providing a better internet range, you also put a limit on the traffic for a stable connection. Not every user has the ability to control the traffic of the controllers.

Wonderful wireless speed

The wireless route provides the 2100 megabits transferring speed with 5GHz radio frequency and 2.4GHz radio frequency rate to the user for playing games, also video streaming, etc. Here, I am discussing the steps of the setup of this device in the below lines. 

Steps of the setup of speedefy wireless router

To commence with, If you want to set up their device. So, please follow these mentioned steps continuously to connect your device to the speedefy router.

First, plug in your computer and connect the cable to the computer VPN ports to the router. Secondly, turn ON your computer and wait for 2 seconds to restart. Then connect the power adapter to the router and power on the router. Thirdly, find the SSID default on your computer and enable the WLAN, then join the SSID default that displays on the list. Before configuring the router you should perform the speedefy router login with the help of the username and password of their device. At last, reconnect the wifi network and enjoy the internet.


This product is very excellent and reliable to set up this device. It is very convenient because it is easily available in the market. We get the information about the product and setup from the mobile app of this device. It has a great option to control the connection of the device. This device is also used in big organizations for the connection of many computers to the router. It provides high performance of the wifi network. Recently, My friend purchased the speedefy wireless router for your home during the lockdown due to covid19 and he told me this is a great device. I completed my work properly with the help of this device and he also suggested that I purchase that product. 

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